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World of Warcraft Mobile was scrapped after a financial dispute between Blizzard and NetEase

Sad news for gamers across the world

After a financial dispute between Blizzard and NetEase Games, two gaming titans, they seem to have fallen out. As a result, it is now confirmed that a potential World of Warcraft Mobile game has been scrapped and now will never release. At the very least, the project will be dead and buried until it is reassessed, which might never happen.

According to reports, the game has been in development for three years and was probably one of the several projects Bobby Kotick said was in production.

The game was supposed to be a mobile MMORPG spinoff in the Warcraft universe

Although it wouldn’t have any connections to the other games and would instead be a spinoff, the now-canceled game was supposedly destined to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Warcraft universe. The fact that Diablo Immortal was also largely created by NetEase and that this fallout may have some negative impacts on that game as well should be noticed as this is not the first joint venture between these two organizations.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As a result of the World of Warcraft Mobile game getting scrapped, NetEase has dismantled a team of more than 100 developers, with just a few of them being granted internal transfers. It’s unfortunate that the gaming industry has only seen two games from the entire mobile expansion so far.

One of them is Diablo Immortal, which received a lot of criticism for predatory monetization (although it probably still made a respectable amount of money), and the other is a slightly cartoonish game called Warcraft Arclight Rumble, which received a lot of criticism even before it was released for not being anything like what players actually wanted. Activision Blizzard doesn’t seem to be doing well in the smartphone industry, so it will be fascinating to watch what they do next.

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