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Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim is a beautiful fantasy JRPG now available globally on Android and iOS

Explore a magnificent adventure with treasures and mighty bosses hidden in Ys Online!

ZlongGames has officially released their new beautiful fantasy JRPG Ys Online on both Android and iOS devices. The fantastic JRPG comes with numerous fan-favorite characters, each having new characters and exclusive side stories. The game presents a retro-art-styled theme with many new game varieties and modes comprising dungeons, puzzle-solving, competitions, and the role progression mode.

The game starts with the entrance to an island called Canaan Island where adventurers start their journey where many treasures and mighty bosses are hidden in the depths.

Witness a beautiful Japanese Fantasy Adventure with different game modes in Ys Online

As mentioned above, Ys Online comes with numerous fan-favorite characters. Starting from the red-haired adventurer named Adol, the mysterious Rehdan priestess Olha, and Isha, the commander with a dire mission Ernst and the Powerful Geis.

Ys Online
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All these characters have their own side stories which unfold more of the magnificent adventure. Adventurers can either choose to auto-experience gameplay or can desire to play and take full control of the exciting action that awaits in this high-fantasy adventure RPG.

The game offers four classic classes from which adventurers would desire to become a close-combat warrior with high defense capabilities, a mage who can attack the enemies from a distance, a ranger who heals multiple allies at once, and an assassin who is ready to strike up close. There are various class transformations for the adventurers and Goddess Alma will be the sole guide to guide the adventurers to the most suitable choice.

In Ys Online, intense battles are the not only thing to do. Besides intense battles, adventurers can also participate in casual farming, cooking, home furnishing, pet breeding, and fashionable dress-up.

Players can start their adventure in this fantasy JRPG now

The game includes voiceovers of renowned Japanese voice-over artists including Kaji Yuki, Ishikawa Yui, Kawasumi Ayako, Koshimizu Ami, Tanaka Rie, and all of the original signature music of Ys VI.

The combination of incredible music and SFXs elevates the gameplay bringing more essence to the magnificent adventure. Adventurers can visit the Google Play Store and the App Store to download the global version now.

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