Zynga celebrates Halloween 2022 with special events across its eight titles

Get Into the Spirit of the Season With Devilishly Fun In-Game Events.

A terrifying lineup of in-game Halloween 2022 events will be available across eight titles from Zynga, a wholly-owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive and a world leader in interactive entertainment, including FarmVille 3, FarmVille 2, FarmVille 2: Country Escape, FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, Golf Rival, Merge Dragons!, Words With Friends 2, and Zynga Poker. Players will be treated to beguiling challenges that are already appearing in advance of Halloween as the spooky season approaches.

Zynga Halloween 2022 events

Here are all the details of Halloween 2022 events announced by Zynga for its eight titles:

FarmVille 3: Spooky Adventures and Treats (October 4 – November 1)

Sam and Pauly want to make this year’s Halloween on the farm the spookiest one yet because it’s their favorite time of year.

Zynga Halloween 2022 FV3 2022
Image via Zynga

Sam has lined up his food truck with enchanted sweets to give out to all the trick-or-treaters while Pauly is preparing an elaborate Scary House for people to explore. Earn distinctive Halloween decorations to display on your farm and turn it into a spooky setting.

FarmVille 2: The Monster Tower Garden (October 25 – November 28)

The delightfully spooky Monster’s Ball is a great way to celebrate Halloween in FarmVille county! Come along as Marie, Gus, and the crew constructs a Monster Tower Garden. Then put on your scariest outfit and organize the most spectacular Halloween party ever. Win rare Baby Kiang Donkeys and a limited-edition set of Halloween farm decorations.

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mortie Goes Trick-or-Treating (October 28 – November 7)

Little Mortie the Grim Reaper has eluded death to celebrate his first Halloween. Watch him and the kids battle against other islands to see which island can earn the most Spooky Point. Win spooky new accents like the Skeleton Candy Holder, zombie-themed guides like Mortie and DK, and more fang-tastic prizes.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Halloween Tricks (October 26 – November 13) 

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is taking the “trick” portion of Trick or Treat extremely seriously this Halloween. To learn more, go to the Spooky Courtyard. To obtain special prizes like stamps, keys, and padlocks that will boost your farm, complete the event’s phases. Finish the event to obtain Witch Hazel, the magical cat, who will work on your farm for 30 days, as a fantastic farm helper.

Golf Rival Happy Halloween Event (October 28 – November 9)

For the Halloween season, Golf Rival is releasing a brand-new course with fairways made of golden harvest grass, lots of Halloween decorations, and a frightful bat-filled night sky. The Ghostly Gathering Challenge, which runs from October 28 to 31, November 5-7, and November 7-9, serves as the event’s opening act. 

Zynga Halloween 2022 GR 2022
Image via Zynga

October 29–October 31, October 31–November 2, and November 4–7 are the dates for the Black and Gold Tournament. Players can bring out their new (and used) Halloween golf balls for some enjoyable competitions under the harvest moon since all tournaments will offer great prizes.

Merge Dragons!: Fa-boo-lous Halloween (October 28 – 31)

From October 28 to October 31, Merge Dragons! will host a spine-chilling, spooky Halloween event! Just make sure your game is updated to participate in this unsettling and terrifying event. Get eerie decorations for your camp by trick-or-treating; combine them to make them spookier! Additionally, players will get the opportunity to encounter the fabled Skeleton Dragon! She is one of Dragonia’s most spooky and unsettling Dragons.

Words With Friends 2 Halloween Events (Oct 3 – Nov 6)

For frightening multiplayer word game fun this Halloween, visit Words With Friends 2! Players who dare access the Midnight Manor Rewards Pass can fulfill objectives throughout the month of October to claim beautiful new rewards. From October 20 to 23, all players will have the chance to engage in a Friendly Face-Off with Sean Astin’s AI avatar, “Sean Astin 2.0,” as a special gift.

Zynga WWF 2022
Image via Zynga

The special Red Carpet profile frame can be obtained by players who defeat him twice! The Monster Cake Halloween celebration style and two terrifying new tile styles will also be available in the Premium Store during the month of October, and The Vault will open on October 17 for a brief promotion to receive the unbelievable Purple Monster Tile Style with PowerUps and Coins.

Zynga Poker Haunted Hold’em (October 13 – November 1)

For Halloween, Zynga Poker goes all-in with a unique in-game Haunted Hold’Em event! The biggest free-to-play mobile poker game in the world is launching a special three-week Halloween event on October 13 that will give players chances to win big at the tables.

Players can leave with ghostly rewards like table gifts, lucky bonus frenzies, and double time while playing their preferred game of Texas Hold’Em in addition to the chips and tokens that will be up for grabs. Additionally, Zynga Poker is launching the limited-edition Versarius Watch, which is only accessible during the Haunted Hold’Em event, for a short period of time.

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