Zynga celebrates Pride Month 2023 with special events across its several titles

Celebrate Pride Month with amazing events!

Zynga Inc, a fully-owned publishing division of Take-Two Interactive, announced today a partnership with the It Gets Better Project, an organization that connects LGBTQ+ adolescents throughout the world, in observance of Pride Month 2023. A $50,000 total contribution from Take-Two and zPride, a Zynga employee resource group, will also be made as part of the partnership.

Zynga released its first-ever Pride Month website, incorporating cooperative activities with the It Gets Better Project, in-game events, and employee spotlights, for this year’s Play With Pride campaign. On Zynga’s blog and in these Twitch and YouTube videos, you can hear the inspiring tales of how six LGBTQ+ employees are fostering an inclusive and accepting atmosphere in gaming and beyond.

“Inclusivity doesn’t just happen; it has to be intentional, which is why the annual Play With Pride initiative is so important to us. It serves as both a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and a celebration of the identities of the game developers who create our games.” said Lad Geake, zPride Co-Lead.

It Gets Better Project Strategic Partnerships Manager Morgan Cohn said, “We are really happy to work with a partner like Zynga to increase our support for young people in the LGBTQ+ community through gaming. Zynga has done a great job of promoting inclusivity in gaming, and this collaboration shows how the LGBTQ+ community can have a good, long-lasting impact on the sector by bringing various experiences to it.”

Zynga Pride Month 2023: Events

1. Dragon City (June  22 – 27) 

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Dragon City, it’s time to get your drag on! Collect a new, limited-edition Pride dragon to celebrate Pride Month. This dragon has its special skin, so you may choose to be a queen, a king, or everything in between. Find Rainbow Habitats and Tokens as you explore the Pride Tale’s unique heroic dragon tale.

2. FarmVille 3 (June 4 – July 2)

FarmVille 3 will soon get a parade float with rainbow colors! The farm’s popular lumberjack, Chad Wood, wants to commemorate the LGBTQ+ community and he needs your help. He uses his inventive skills to make a lovely wagon that he intends to adorn with farm-related mementos.

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Help Chad complete the Pride Float as part of his quest to promote inclusivity and love, and you might win special prizes like the Rainbow Arch and Chad’s Pride skin!

3. FarmVille 2: Country Escape (June 15 – 30) 

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Adding rainbow flare will glam up your farm! Players are welcome to add three stunning rainbow-themed decorations to their farms for a short period: a Fabulous Flamingo, a Proud Gnome, and a Rainbow Road. Obtain them all this month and keep them on the farm forever. 

4. FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape (June 25 – 29)  

Everyone is invited to the fun-filled Pride Brunch Extravaganza being held by FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape. Come celebrate love and acceptance with the rest of the island community at our inclusive event. To receive awards, assist the guides in decorating the party area. Additionally, finish the quest to get a lovely outdoor loveseat decoration! So, proceed to the table and take a seat!

5. Game of Thrones™ Slots Casino (June)

Image via Zynga

The House of Martell will offer a unique adventure for players at Game of Thrones™ Slots Casino throughout Pride Month. Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand will appear during this constrained two-day event in June as participants spin their way through various slot machines to collect extra money.

6. Hit It Rich! (June 6 – 11) 

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Hit It Rich will be welcoming a special visitor! Slots at Casino – Elvira! Players can join Elvira’s Pride Parade in-game for a brief period in observance of Pride Month, spinning their way through various tasks and winning gifts along the way. Players that complete the SlotVenture challenge will ultimately win a sizable jackpot!

7. Merge Dragons! (June 9 -12) 

merge dragons
Image via Zynga

To honor Play with Pride, Merge Dragons! is hosting one of our favorite events. The Carnival celebration has a lively, enjoyable vibe that embodies the Pride attitude. The “Pride Parade” event will take on a unique makeover for the event banners and emblems.

8. Monster Legends (July 7 – 11)

monster legends
Image via Zynga

Pandalftone is the only one with more pride. He may be THE Pandalf, a monster that is part panda and half wizard, according to some. However, that is inconceivably false. Might it? Follow him and his magical rainbow carpet through a special Tales celebration of all types of love because, after all, what is love if not the purest form of all magic?

9. Two Dots (June 22 – 26)  

2 dots
Image via Zynga

In honor of Pride Month in Two Dots, Uncle Jack and Emily have chosen to move the celebration to Montreal. Join them as they enjoy a jewel-toned evening in one of the most renowned cities for its acceptance of LGBT people (and take part in a thrilling new Treasure Hunt). We’re offering every one of our players a very special commemorative medallion to add to their collections to further honor love and freedom. Let’s all say “love” and “dots”!

10. Wonka Slots (June 8 – 11)

Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory are laying down a rainbow carpet for their customers in observance of Pride Month. Players will have the opportunity to spin the reels and take part in a special event for a brief period to complete thrilling challenges and earn amazing rewards valued up to an astounding 300 billion!

Image via Zynga

In addition, we’re giving gamers an early glimpse at our rainbow-themed slot machine, which will take them to the realm of colors to honor equality. Don’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; come celebrate Pride with us!

11. Wizard of Oz Slots (June)

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

The Emerald City is being hammered by Pride Month! Wizard of Oz Slots is offering unique bonus #PlayWithPride challenges and incentives to players in honor of the occasion, and at the end of June, there will be a lottery for a RARE Rainbow Pack.

12. Words With Friends 2 (June 19 – 25)

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Players can go along the Pride Parade Route to obtain a gorgeous new Pride Art Badge in Words With Friends 2’s unique Words With Pride Solo Challenge. Additionally, players have access to a variety of vibrant tile designs throughout the month.

13. Zynga Poker (June)

Zynga Pride Month 2023
Image via Zynga

Zynga Poker honors Pride Month by giving away expensive goods with a gay theme. Starting on June 1, players will receive a different present every week, including table items with a Pride theme, such as Pride chips, heels, and cocktails. Additionally, players can express themselves at their virtual tables using a new pride avatar and glittering rainbow emote.

Visit Zynga to know how it is celebrating the LGBTQ+ community year-round and share how you #PlayWithPride this Pride Month 2023 on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and TikTok.

Are you excited about the in-game events announced by Zynga for Pride Month 2023 across its titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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