Ace Racer Review: An over-the-top stunning fantasy racing game

Race through unique racetracks and breathtaking locations with Ace Racer!

Ace Racer is a new mobile racing game developed by NetEase and published via Exptional Global. The game tests the players’ driving skills up to the ultimate level with its unique sets of time challenges and races scattered all around the map in different stages of terrain. The factor which really makes Ace Racer an Ace in the racing genre is the unpredictability of the races, the races are so nonlinear that it becomes next to impossible to predict what to expect in the upcoming parts of the races. There are different challenges, sets of barricades, and elements of race tracks that increase the difficulty of each individual race. Here in this Ace Racer Review, we will review what the game has to offer.

The game offers a fully licensed iconic collection of real-time cars available for players to choose from as part of their ride in the game. Each car is further customizable and upgradeable for better performance as suited best by the players. The collection includes but is not limited to Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, and other real-life luxury rides. Some of these rides have been tweaked and are combined versions of real-time classic cars added to the game by developers.

Experience over-the-top racing tracks full of action and adventures

As stated before in our Ace Racer Review, race tracks mark the difference between the other racing titles and this one. Each race track offers a completely different experience than the last. There are different terrains different powers and different ways of tackling the opponents in the game. The game in terms of unpredictability and variety of race tracks rivals the likes of Asphalt 9. To top it off there are stunts that can be performed by the players to boost the Nitros’ stats useful in outperforming opponents.

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

There are unique locations covered in almost every map in the game while playing linearity and repetitiveness of the game certainly won’t trouble anyone. The game covers a variety of new locations and players will never feel like encountering a similar location twice in Ace Racer. Ace Racer offers a sleek and futuristic vibe with its enhanced graphics and personalized gameplay. The game offers different sets of races as well, be it timed challenges or the classic sprint and drag races, Ace Racer has every blade of the grass-covered.

Customize not only your ride but your rider too

Customization is something that is taken very seriously in the game, be it the rider or the ride there are different options available for character customization and many such options for the ride too. The game focuses to deliver good old-fashioned racing fun that brings on nostalgia.

Even newbie racers can jump in seamlessly with the game’s intuitive controls that are highly optimized for mobile fun. In Ace Racer players can certainly make sure that they have a highly distinguished ride equipped with the best body parts.

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

The cars in the game come with a defined set of roles that define what specialty the car will offer on the racetracks. Special powers are allotted to each and every car in the game and these powers are allotted according to the specialty each car has to offer.

These specialties are namely, Interceptor, Speedster, and Supporter. Interceptors as the name would suggest intercept other opponents and disrupt their progress. Boosters offer passive abilities to other members of the team and finally, the Speedsters get temporary boosts to their own speed in the game. Users can check our complete guide on all the special abilities a car can possess in the Car Abilities Guide here.

When it comes to car modifications, the game offers many customizations offers such as plates, suspensions, brakes, engines, and even stances to make your car look leaner if you like. After every race in the game players can repair the car as the damage inflicted by the car during one race gets carried over to the next race. This adds a sense of realism and further makes the game a challenge for new players to tackle.

Special operator skillset offers a unique over the top experience

Moving further with our Ace Racer Review we would like to stress the fact that each car in the game has a different special final power that can be used once the nitro level reaches the maximum level. Some skill sets like speedsters make it easier for the players to race in the game while others like Interceptors make it harder for your opponents to compete with you. The game also allows players to team up and strategize the game plan using all three operator skill sets.

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

The game just like Asphalt 9 aims to deliver an action-packed racing experience while banking on beautiful landscapes and extravagant race tracks. To the most extent, it does a great job in delivering the same, and that too without making any sacrifice on the performance part of the game. Ace Racer is perfectly optimized to deliver the gaming experience given you have the right specification.

Choose your ride from a variety of real and fiction cars available in the game

When it comes down to the number of cars available for selection in the game then there is no definite answer to that question, as the developers keep on introducing new cars on regular timespans. There are some of the big names in the game available for selection while also some newcomers making it to the final cut. Hop in the driver’s seat of a Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, and other real-life luxury rides, along with some of the developer’s own creations.

The game offers a very fast-paced racing experience set in an ever-evolving and challenging environment. Each racetrack has something unique to it and offers a completely different experience than the last. The game all in all can be considered a treat for racing game enthusiasts. Each competition is fast-paced with one minute per round. Dig, drift, drag, and drive your way across the finish line. Ace Racer allows the players to virtually own the track

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

To ease players into the game and give them a sense of the gameplay mechanics, multiple training missions will be available. These early-stage missions are there in place to make sure that players can get a hang of how the controls work in Ace Racer, allowing them to better understand the fast-paced environment of the game. Completing all these newbie quests will not only make the game simpler but also includes sweet rewards like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the BMW M8 GTE.

The game to some extent can be considered pay to win

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

There is a slight unbalance between the cars available as unlockables in the game through completing different quests of even the same tier. For example, some cars of the ultimate tier that can be directly unlocked by purchasing the crates in the shop offer more speed and acceleration than cars of the same ultimate tier that are unlockable through quests in the game. This gives the players an unbalanced experience and an advantage for pay to win. Players can check about the best cars in the game in our comprehensive Cars Tier List here.

Final Verdict

The game offers a very similar gaming experience to that of Asphalt 9, which is a great game in this genre to benchmark against. The gameplay might seem complex at first due to the different operators available in the game, however, it adds diversity to the gameplay and once mastered the gameplay becomes very simple even for beginners. Customizations are available for both cars and riders, for cars the customization is detailed, and for the rider not so much.

Ace Racer Review, Ace Racer
Image via NetEase

One aspect where the game doesn’t add much to the game is the battle pass and the rewards available for a regular player. In order to get new and faster cars one will definitely have to purchase the bundles available in the shop making it a bit pay to win sort of game.

All things consider Ace Racer is definitely a premium free-to-play racing game available in the market today. Racing fans are sure to like the game given all the features and resemblance to Asphalt 9. With that being said we hope that with our Ace Racer Review, we were able to do the game justice and highlight the important aspects of the game.

Ace Racer review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Controls and UI - 8
Graphics and Music - 7
Gamemodes - 7.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



A good racing experience provided by Ace Racer keeps the user engaged but gets spoiled by the pay-to-win experience.

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