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Art of Conquest 2 review: Summon warriors and bring back order to Aeonis

Welcome to Aeonis, a timeless tale of Honor and Glory!

Famous game developer company, Lilith Games has recently announced the early access launch of Art of Conquest 2 in select countries. This is the similar studio that made Farlight 84, Warpath, Tales of the Mirror, and many more. Art of Conquest 2 is a role-playing and strategical game, that holds the tradition of its predecessor Art of Conquest. Here in this article, we will review Art of Conquest 2 and share our first impressions of the game.

Command across 30 different races in the fantasy world of Aeonis

Starting off with the Art of Conquest 2 review, the game is based in a place named Aeonis. People who have played the original Art of Conquest previously won’t get thrilled by the major things of the games. However, there are new things that are different from its predecessor and are expected to be amazing. After the starting tutorial is completed, players have to select which land they will be starting their adventure.

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Different regions feature different climates and different sets of pros and cons. Some regions are locked at the first stage. But the game makes its tailored recommendation to the player in terms of selecting the starting region.

With the region selection complete, players have to choose the character they will be playing. All the characters are from different races in the game. The characters have different attack styles and different ranges based on the type of fight they excel at.

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In the early stage, players have to complete a few tasks that come down as Quests. Completing all the specified quests makes a chapter complete. The quest rewards a small gift upon completion. Not only that but there are also rewards upon completing the chapters. They really got the “rewarding all the way” there. All the quest makes sure that the player can get the bare minimum things so that the player can jump into the world upon completion.

Explore the vase map and wage wars on ancient battlefields

Keeping the base creation aside, players can look outside of the map and see the whole kingdom. There are villages, other buildings, and even rival kingdoms. Players can make different structures throughout the area. But to do that, players have to consider what would be the strategic role of the structure and what it would be doing. There are different kingdoms the player can become allies. The map is huge. The world is big.

formation and troops
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Art of Conquest 2 gives full control and some realistic moves of the battle. The player can form his own squad as he likes by assigning the preferred characters. Moreover, there are options to make a formation on how and where the soldiers will stand.

To ensure a win in the battle, the player needs to upgrade his own men to ensure they are efficient and can battle properly. Morale is also a thing that needs to be maintained and is important for victory.

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Another interesting aspect of the game is making buildings, upgrading them, and making sure a production flow of the other commodities of the game. All the aspects of the game count towards the progression and are needed to build and upgrade new infrastructures.

Decent and detailed graphics, but the game fails with the audio

Coming to the graphics, technically speaking, the settings option gives ample opportunity to tweak the graphics system. The graphics can be modified as the player desires. There is a “very high” mode for showcasing every minute detail in high resolution. There is a “medium mode” as well to act as a battery saver as well providing you with decent graphics.

Build your Fief
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If the player wants stability in the graphics, there is an option to lock FPS at 30. If the player wants to play the game smoothly, there is an option to set the highest FPS at 60. Although it is strongly suggested to not run high resolution, 60 FPS in low or mid-tier devices as the game won’t reach 60FPS at all.

Since the game has a lot of assets that need to be loaded in during the gameplay, it is necessary to have a high-end device to play with good resolution without any frame drops. On the flip side, the audio of the game is average. Ambiance and battle sounds are clear and nothing much changes to expect.

Final Thoughts

In spite of all the ups and downs, the game holds a special value to strategy-style lovers. Lilith Games has really shown the valor of the kings of Aeonis. People who have already played the original Art of Conquest can get a hold of its successor quite easily.

Currently available for early access in select countries, the game is expected to release globally soon. Interested players can join the game’s official facebook page or check the official website to stay up-to-date as Art of Conquest 2 prepares for a global launch.

Art of Conquest 2 review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Game Progression - 6
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



Art of Conquest 2 is a decent game from Lilith Games. It pays homage to its predecessor and in spite of all the ups and downs, the game holds a special value to the strategy style lovers.

What are your opinions on the Art of Conquest 2 game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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