Checkers Online: Test your intelligence in a classic board game

Checkers Online – Quick Checkers is a classic board game that is offered by GamoVation, a software company based in Zwolle, Netherlands. The game follows the American rules of checkers that is followed worldwide. Amidst the lockdown and quarantine period, the game is a good way to pass your time. Today, we’ll review this game and offer some insight on various aspects of this board game that tends to utilize the best of that grey matter inside your brain. So, let’s begin.


Checkers Online comes with a simple UI that you’ll get used to almost instantly. Besides, not being very extravagant about it, the UI clearly indicates everything it has to in a very lucid manner.

checkers online

The game makes use of a calm, soothing music to help you focus on the game. The music used in the game doesn’t offer much variety as of now, though. But you’re free to mute the in-game music and play your own playlists in the background. Though, the game doesn’t offer this feature so you’ve to do it manually.


Considering, the game is based on an online 1 vs 1 match format, the matching is not done in an unfair, unreasonable manner. It doesn’t take much time either to get started with the match but that kind of depends on the number of active players from your region. Usually, more players in a region equates to less time taken to finish matchmaking.

Though, sometimes you may end up facing across players who have been into a higher league before. But that’s a matter of time players spend in playing. The more you play, the more you gain experience points.

Social Elements

The game offers a real-time chat feature that let’s you express your feelings to your opponent. Although, the chat comes with its own set of templates that can’t be edited or replaced with new ones, it still does the job fantastically, well.

When already invested in a session of checkers, it’s hardly possible to simultaneously chat with the time running. So, the chat system won’t give you total freedom but the choice to choose from a few emojis and texts to express yourself to your opponent.

In-Game Events

Checkers Online Quick Checkers doesn’t really offer in-game events but it does have a list of tasks, which on completion, offer rewards. The list is a long one and even offers rewards for basic tasks to newbies. You can acquire more in-game currency through completing these tasks. But the absence of events, as of now, means you won’t get any of the skins and rare goodies for free.


checkers online

If you have never played checkers before you might find this really challenging. Even for casual players and regulars ,the game is highly competitive and you’re not likely to come across bots, ever. The rules regarding the amount of time given to make a move is around 30s. Failing to make a move within that time results in your opponent getting declared as the winner automatically. So, you’re not going to invest time for nothing if you think about giving this game a try.

There’s a competitive ranking system, as well. This motivates the players to play the game with a winning mentality and seriousness required to reach to the top of the pile. The leaderboard rankings are of two types in the game. One displays your performance nation wise and the other is the global ranking. There are many different leagues to try out. Players can unlock them as they make in-game progress. The leagues are based on real-life locations.

Our Verdict

If you’re the kind of person who likes to play games that test your intelligence then this game is for you! The game isn’t all that dull nor does it feel too childish and flashy. The matches offer serious challenges for you to beat. Hence, the game shall keep you hooked up for hours.

As for those, who prefer fast paced gaming, you’re not likely to feel the adrenaline running playing a board game. The game tests your patience as well as your intelligence. Things might become repetitive as well. But you can try it out for a change!

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