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Cyberika review: Experience the world of Cyberpunk on your mobile

Are you ready to explore a city in the near future

Cyberika is an actionadventure MMORPG recently released from Kefir Game Studio based in the future. Large corporations have taken over and violence thrives in the streets. And in this very mayhem, you are on a quest. Now the game is based on the neon theme we saw in Cyberpunk 2077, which has obviously inspired a bunch of other similar games and Cyberika does advertise its similarities to the popular PC/Console game. Here in this article, we will review Cyberika and share our first impressions of the game.

Start off in a futuristic world lit up with neon lights

Starting off with the review, it’s pretty obvious that Cyberika takes a lot of inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077. But it does have some differences and creative aspects to it. You’re a person trying to fix up problems with a microchip in your head which is giving you some serious trouble and while on your search to find parts, you find out that there’s a person living in your head rent-free… A person who could help you out.

Cyberika (Image via Kefir)

Once you start the game up, you get to customize how your character looks. Hair, skin color, and all that fun stuff… And biochips. It’s the future after all! You can get better abilities with the right biochips which allow you to survive in a dystopian and harsh environment. The game is in a third-person perspective with the view aimed down at the action. You get introduced to the game’s core mechanics in the starting as you go around uncovering the story. With every mission, you get to explore a new area and find out more about which places are safe and which are hostile.

Drive through the heart of the city… and keep on driving

Now there’s one thing in the game which you’ll spend some time doing. Driving. Well driving in the game is alright and isn’t bad at all. You have two options. Letting the AI take over or driving manually, weaving between the lanes. You are given a gauge that counts down to how long it would take for you to reach your destination depending on your speed. The thing about driving is that it’s fun as a mini-game for a while. Not when you’re doing it multiple times in a span of a few minutes.

Cyberika (Image via Kefir)

The storyline is decent and isn’t stretched thin like other RPGs we’ve seen and holds up. You’re introduced to a bunch of new characters, get to know more about your friends and foes but don’t grow much as a character. The missions are decent and with every objective you complete, you get access to new areas. The map itself is decently sized but since it’s not open world, there’s not much in the way of exploration.

Neon lights mixed with Synthwave light up the streets of Cyberika

The graphics follow the game’s neon, cyberpunk-ish theme but aren’t anything special. The music is pretty neat and suits the theme since it’s mostly retro wave and synthwave.

Cyberika (Image via Kefir)

The controls are clean and work just fine. Nothing major but they do the job well. The UI especially the crafting and inventory mechanics can take some time to understand while outside of that, you’ll get introduced to stuff as you go on.

Negligible bugs but IAPs do exist

The game doesn’t have any ads but does have In-App Purchases. You can purchase HyperKoins and Creds (In-game currency) with real money which can be used to get kits and some other stuff. The game does have a few bugs but they aren’t game-breaking or something which you can’t get around. At one point, the game didn’t load up. A while later, getting out of the cat parked in the garage wasn’t possible. But all of it could be fixed by restarting the game.

Final Verdict

Cybernika is a one-time play that does have some decent albeit repetitive gameplay. Now we did come across two major issues while playing through, the first one being the lack of an MMO element. While being advertised as one, it doesn’t have much interaction between players online. The second problem is how grindy it gets. At some point, it becomes way too hard to play through when the game stops spoon-feeding you and becomes a bit unfair.

At that point, you obviously are being prodded to make some In-App Purchases. It’s decent and doesn’t really have anything unique or out of the ordinary about it. Features like Streamer mode (taken from CyberPunk 2077) add a nice touch while auto-aim and a few other features aren’t as polished. It’s engaging for a while and the gameplay will keep you busy for a few hours.

What are your opinions on the Cyberika game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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