Everything is Fine: An obscure indie game with an unusual setting

While nearly all mobile gamers are playing Call of Duty Mobile, here is a small and rare indie action game which is surprisingly good to play. That’s especially true for a game with only something like 1000+ downloads on Play Store. So, the game’s name is “Everything is Fine” and I’ll explain why you should give it a try.

Setting and visuals

Indie games, indie mobile games
The game offers some bizarre imagery.

Everything is Fine has a very unique setting that I’ve never met before in a mobile game. It’s a game, where players should fight monstrous embodiments of different mental stresses and illnesses, like depression, anxiety or paranoia. For example, depression is represented as a yellow bipedal monster that walks towards a player and tries to hug them to death. Other monsters are looking very conceptual too, but I won’t spoil their appearance. Find them yourself, dear reader! The visual style of locations in-game also features different themes like depression, anger and so on.

A player’s character looks somewhat like Van Hellsing, but with a lamp that shoots fire capable of killing monstrous enemies. Also, a player’s character can teleport with eye-blink speed to any location on the screen. I can’t explain that Van Hellsing costume for a character, but I find the overall design suiting the general theme of Everything is Fine.

Game Mechanics

Everything is Fine, indie mobile games
This is how depression looks according to “Everything Is Fine”

In terms of mechanics, it’s a simple action game that is played in landscape orientation. The main goal is to destroy all the enemies on the level while managing ammo, avoiding enemy attacks and even using some strategy. A player is also given a great deal of mobility which makes it enjoyable and satisfying to move around the map, avoid and destroy monsters. 

The most unique feature in “Everything Is Fine” in terms of mechanics is a clunky minimap that takes half of the screen. It is used to travel between different sections of a level. And when a player travels to that section, their character still stays where it was. So, the game is played by two thumbs, basically. And it should be played fast while still both requiring and allowing some planning because the minimap allows a player to see all the enemies on the level. Some people may decide that this feature is clunky and unnecessary, but I actually think that it is actually fresh and helps to add to the game’s theme a bit, making a player feel a bit uneasy about their surroundings.

Variety in “Everything Is Fine”

Everything is Fine
A view of a Story Mode map

Despite, being a very low budget game, “Everything Is Fine”  still has two major game modes. One is a linear story mode which allows meta upgrades. And, the second one is unlimited survival mode, which is similar to action-arcade survival games Crimsonland or Alien Shooter. Those are for PC, but you probably still know about them. I have to say, that like the general attention to detail provided by the devs from “Playful Patterns” studio. A player can even choose a male or female character, and I know that the resources of indie devs are always very limited, so we might only thank them for having some variety in “Everything Is Fine”.

Business Model

Now, it’s time to talk about monetization. At the moment there is no monetization in the game. It is free, there are no ads or in-apps. So, in general, it is a small free indie game that was clearly made with love. But, everything can change, since the devs have stated on their Facebook page, the game should become a premium one after 1st October. Still, there’s no surety that it will remain as a free title.

Everything is Fine game, indie games
Fighting against some monsters in Everything is Fine

Why should you play Everything Is Fine?

So, why to play “Everything Is Fine”? Well, you might want to do so just if you are seeking to experience a somewhat unique game for mobile and some possible bugs or overall cheap production can’t scare you. Overall, the game is pretty good and creative. However, some people may face issues with the controls. And the fact it is free and doesn’t attack its players with aggressive monetization instantly makes “Everything Is Fine” a lot better.

The game is currently available both on Play Store and iTunes.

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