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Ex Astris Review: Experience a truly premium mobile game

Do not miss out to experience Ex Astris!

Ex Astris is a premium turn-based RPG developed by Gryphline, the mastermind behind Arknights, and has garnered considerable anticipation since pre-registration began in January 2024. Its official launch in late February 2024 marks the beginning of its journey. Having had the chance to thoroughly explore the game, I’ve spent numerous hours assessing its overall quality. In this Ex Astris Review, I’ll delve into its core gameplay elements and provide a fair evaluation of the overall gaming experience.

Prepare to embark on a cosmic adventure as an investigator in the captivating realm of Allindo. Ex Astris promises to transport players beyond the ordinary into a vibrant universe filled with challenges, peculiar creatures, and the mysteries of a planet trapped in perpetual orbit.

The Storyline revolves around the fictional world of Allindo

Starting with the review, I will talk about the lore and storyline behind Ex Astris. This game takes you on a journey to the fictional world of Allindo, where Earth’s exploration uncovers a civilization much like our own. The storytelling is rich and immersive, drawing you into a universe filled with intriguing lore and vibrant characters.

However, there are moments where the world-building can feel overwhelming, with terminology and exposition sometimes leaving you feeling a bit lost. Despite these occasional hurdles, the depth and complexity of Ex Astris’ universe remain undeniably compelling, keeping you engaged and eager to uncover more.

Ex Astris Gameplay
Image via Gryphline

Exploring Allindo reveals a meticulously crafted world brimming with detail and depth. From conversations between characters to the lore scattered throughout, it’s clear that a lot of care went into crafting the game’s narrative foundation.

However, there are moments where the story struggles with clarity and pacing, with exposition occasionally feeling like too much too soon. Despite these minor drawbacks, Ex Astris managed to keep me hooked with its intriguing storyline, making every moment of exploration and discovery feel like an exciting adventure.

Ex Astris Gameplay is not your typical turn-based game

Moving on with the review, I will now discuss how the gameplay and combat system of the game becomes unique. Ex Astris offers a refreshing take on turn-based combat, blending real-time elements to create a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Unlike traditional turn-based games, battles in Ex Astris unfold with a sense of urgency and excitement. At the heart of its combat system is the ability to switch between stances, each offering unique skills and strategies to unleash devastating combos on enemies.

Ex Astris block
Image via Gryphline

During battles, you’ll need to carefully manage your team’s actions, chaining attacks together to deplete enemy balance bars and exploit weaknesses. The option to continue attacking defeated enemies for overkill feels rewarding. Additionally, defensive mechanics like parrying require precise timing, offering a satisfying ‘risk-reward‘ dynamic that keeps me more focused on the game despite it being turn-based.

Beyond combat, Ex Astris offers a plethora of customization options, from crafting equipment to unlocking nodes on skill trees. While the intricacies of the combat system may seem overwhelming at first, they quickly become intuitive with practice. The game’s depth and customization options ensure that every battle feels unique and rewarding, making Ex Astris a captivating blend of turn-based and real-time action that kept me eagerly anticipating the next challenge.

The in-game puzzle mechanics are simple and ideal

In Ex Astris, you’ll encounter a mix of enemies and puzzles as you explore different locations. The puzzles are pretty straightforward and won’t pose much of a challenge if you’re used to other puzzle games. However, they do have some clever mechanics that fit well with the game’s overall feel. Most of the puzzles involve using one character to move boxes along a track by swiping across the screen.

Ex Astris Puzzles
Image via Gryphline

While the puzzles may not be super challenging, they’re a nice addition to the gameplay and help break up the action. Plus, they add a bit of variety to the overall experience. So even if you’re not a puzzle enthusiast, you’ll still find them enjoyable way to take a break from battling enemies.

Ex Astris graphics and visuals feature a futuristic approach

Ex Astris shines with its beautiful anime-style graphics, which look amazing on both Android and Apple devices. The characters are designed so well, that they stick with you. But, I noticed that the game needs a pretty good phone to run smoothly. While playing on my phone, I noticed it getting a bit warm, and sometimes the game would slow down a bit.

Ex Astris graphics
Image via Gryphline

Similar to other 3D mobile games like Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact, Ex Astris can be a bit demanding on your device. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still one of the prettiest mobile games out there. The game’s visuals and graphics are stunning. Each area is so detailed and unique, it’s like exploring a whole new world every time. From beautiful landscapes to cool lighting effects, every place you visit feels special.

I love how the game mixes futuristic stuff with nature and old buildings. It all fits together so nicely. Plus, there are some cool hidden spots to discover, like secret hideouts and ancient ruins. It’s like going on a real adventure! Overall, Ex Astris is a gorgeous game that’s worth checking out if you’re into mobile gaming.

The audio and music are basic and lack to create a lasting impact

In Ex Astris, the audio experience is decent, though it’s the voice acting that truly steals the show. While the music is pleasant and fits the mood of the game, it lacks that extra punch to make it truly memorable. It tends to fade into the background rather than stand out. However, the Chinese and Japanese voice acting is exceptional, especially for main characters like Vi³ and Yan. Their voices breathe life and personality into the characters, making the game more immersive and engaging.

Ex Astris character dialogue
Image via Gryphline

Although the music may not be something I’d listen to outside of the game, it does complement the scenes and environments well. Its orchestration adds to the ambiance and enhances the overall experience. While it may not be groundbreaking, it still contributes to the game’s atmosphere and helps set the tone for each moment. Ultimately, while the audio and music in Ex Astris may not be its strongest aspect, the exceptional voice acting elevates the overall enjoyment of the game.

Ex Astris Character Design is extremely well-made

In Ex Astris, character design is one of the game’s standout features. Coming from the same creators as Arknights, it’s evident that they’ve brought their expertise in character design to this new game. Each character in your growing party is beautifully crafted, with designs that perfectly reflect their personality and individuality. From their appearance to their animations, every detail is meticulously designed to bring the characters to life.

Ex Astris Characters
Image via Gryphline

What sets Ex Astris apart is the diversity and uniqueness of its characters. Unlike some games where characters may feel generic or interchangeable, each member of your party in Ex Astris feels distinct and memorable. Not only do they vary in appearance, but also in gender, height, and style. Even the way characters attack and interact in dialogue showcases their individuality, making them feel like real personalities rather than just pixels on a screen.

Overall, Ex Astris excels in character design, delivering a diverse cast of characters that are not only visually stunning but also rich in personality and depth. It’s clear that a lot of care and attention went into crafting each character, and it truly enhances the overall experience of the game.

The in-game Controls and UI take some time to become familiar with

Let’s talk about the controls in Ex Astris. The game follows the standard controls for mobile RPGs, with your left thumb controlling your character’s movement. What stands out is the unique design of the movement joystick, resembling a sound wave, which adds a nice touch to the experience. Meanwhile, your right thumb controls the camera, with a gentle auto-pan feature that keeps it centered behind your character.

Ex Astris controls
Image via Gryphline

In terms of gameplay actions, Ex Astris uses a combination of taps and swipes. Tapping is for interacting and fighting, while swiping is for equipping items and using them. The controls feel intuitive overall, and most inputs are responsive. However, there are moments during combat where the required ‘button mashing’ doesn’t always register every tap, which can be a bit frustrating.

Unlike some adventure games, you can’t freely jump or climb walls in Ex Astris. Instead, you interact with ladders to climb them, and certain ledges allow you to jump off them by running up to them. While this reduces on-screen clutter, it can lead to some awkward moments during platforming sections, especially when hopping between moving platforms. Despite these minor issues, the controls in Ex Astris are generally smooth and easy to grasp with a bit of practice.

Ex Astris offers an excellent Value for Money

When considering the value of Ex Astris as a premium mobile game priced at $9.99, CAD 13.99, £8.99, and €9.99, you might wonder if it’s worth the investment. Premium mobile games are a rarity, and finding one in the anime RPG genre without any microtransactions or additional monetization is even rarer. Many premium games on other platforms often include in-game stores and items that require additional purchases, but Ex Astris bucks this trend by offering a complete experience for a single entry fee.

Ex Astris combo
Image via Gryphline

As someone who enjoys premium gaming experiences, I was excited to dive into Ex Astris. With the promise of future updates and improvements, I believe it has the potential to become something truly special.

While the initial price may seem steep for a mobile game, the absence of microtransactions and the depth of the gameplay make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-quality gaming experience without any hidden costs. Overall, Ex Astris offers excellent value for money and has the potential to provide hours of entertainment for players who appreciate premium gaming experiences.

Final Verdict

From our review perspective, Ex Astris delivers a captivating storyline that draws you into its world of adventure and mystery. From uncovering the secrets of Allindo to facing formidable foes, the narrative keeps you hooked from start to finish. Gameplay-wise, it offers a unique blend of turn-based combat with real-time elements, providing an exciting and dynamic experience. The visuals are stunning, with top-notch character designs and beautifully crafted environments that enhance immersion.

While the audio may not leave a lasting impression, the standout feature is the exceptional voice acting, which breathes life into the characters. The controls take some time to get used to, but once mastered, they offer a smooth and intuitive experience. Considering the quality, Gryphline managed to provide a worthwhile premium game in my own experience.

In terms of value for money, Ex Astris stands out as a premium mobile game that doesn’t rely on microtransactions or additional purchases to enjoy the full experience. Overall, Ex Astris delivers a solid gaming experience across all fronts, making it a worthwhile investment for any mobile gamer looking for a high-quality RPG.

Ex Astris Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8.5
Storyline - 8.5
Character and Environment Design - 9
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Value for Money - 9



Ex Astris delivers a captivating storyline that draws you into its world of adventure and mystery. It stands out as a premium mobile game that doesn't rely on microtransactions or additional purchases to enjoy the full experience!

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