Garena Blockman GO review: Experience Garena’s first sandbox game

A pretty well designed Roblox clone, now in better hands?

Blockman Go was a game that got quite popular over the years and was something of a mix of Minecraft’s server-based games and Roblox. Now, Garena, the popular game developer and publisher, has taken over the game’s operations in certain regions and the game has been rebranded as Garena Blockman Go. Still the same game but under new management and we’ll hopefully see the game go in a more positive direction. Here in this article, we will review Garena Blockman GO and share our first impressions of the game.

Create and play your own games similar to a Roblox-like platform

Starting off with the review, Garena Blockman GO looks like it really did draw serious inspiration from Roblox (to the point where yes, it can be considered a copy). Everything from the menus to the blocky designs of the game itself all seems very similar to Roblox.

Image via Garena

Now that doesn’t mean it’s not a good game and was rather enjoyable. Bed Wars, a bunch of different shooters, Jail Break, and many others proved to be fun experiences. Not games that you would play for too long if you’re a serious gamer because who would pick a game with aged graphics over something like Apex Legends Mobile.

Now it’s important to understand that Garena Blockman Go isn’t a game itself. It’s a platform where users can create, upload and run their own games. These games can be based on anything and strongly rely on the multiplayer elements as players gather together and can roleplay in cities and different situations, pick up their weapons and play a blocky take on Battlefield or take part in other competitive events. There are a lot of games with a really active community so there are no quiet moments in any of the major games. 

Garena Blockman Go doesn’t specifically have any advantages over Roblox, which is a more refined experience so to say with bigger player bases. Now one thing to note is that this game does run somewhat better on lower spec devices, something which Roblox might not necessarily do all too well so if you’re running a low to the mid-ranged device, then you might want to consider Blockman Go.

Image via Garena

The game really has everything from FPSs to roleplay to parkour so there’s no lack of content for players to enjoy and a lot of the gameplay really comes down to what the developers are putting on the platform. These games are not the most refined or engaging and you’ll probably have a better time playing Call of Duty Mobile than say, Frontline but that’s not the appeal of this game so it’s not a very solid critique. 

Graphics is definitely not the game’s strongest suit but it offers smooth controls and UI

Now the graphics differ from game to game but if you’re not someone who’s serious about the graphical side of things, then most games would be fine. They’re nowhere close to perfect or realistic but again, if you’re playing this game you’re probably not looking for top-notch graphics or audio. It’s a little janky in both aspects but it works for this game. 

Image via Garena

The controls and UI are both pretty good. They work satisfactorily and the UI is actually pretty well designed and works well, albeit very similar to Roblox’s UI. Again this game in all ways is a clone of Roblox so that’s not unexpected. Additionally, we also didn’t come across too many bugs or glitches during our testing period.

No Ads, but IAPs do exist in the sandbox world of Blockman Go

The game doesn’t really have too much in the way of advertisements but there are in-app purchases. Now for a while, there were issues with the original Blockman Go game where monetization got a little predatory, and with Garena handling it, there might be some changes. As of now, the currencies are a little spread out. 

Final Verdict

Games like Roblox and Garena Blockman Go obviously don’t advertise the best gameplay. It’s more along the lines of minigames that are far from perfect in terms of the gameplay or the visual quality but do have the social elements and a bunch of slightly subpar experiences. 

Now Roblox is still the obvious choice when it comes to minigame platforms. However, as mentioned before, those with devices lacking in performance can definitely try out Blockman Go and it’s always good to have alternatives around.

Blockman Go does have some issues in terms of monetization however a more experienced developer like Garena might allow for certain improvements in the future. It has some really fun experiences with certain caveats.

Garena Blockman GO review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Gameplay Content and Variety - 8
Graphics and Music - 7
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 6



Although Roblox is still the obvious choice when it comes to minigame platforms, Blockman Go offers a nice and strong alternative, especially for lower-end devices.

What are your opinions on the Garena Blockman GO game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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