Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic Review: An artistic blend of puzzles

How does the game fare?

Well, it is time for another review, and this time I came across the latest in the Hidden Through Time series, or as it likes to call itself in its full majestic glory, Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic. Yes, the title is quite the mouthful, hence I wanted to check what are the myths and magic this game screams within. Well, after spending hours with this game and going past campaigns and online maps, I’m here to spill the beans on whether this game will tickle your fancy for puzzle-solving.

Simple puzzle gameplay, a couple of gamemodes with both being fun

Let me start this review with the gameplay. As expected from a hidden puzzle game, it offers a variety of interactive puzzles. What sets Hidden Through Time 2 apart is its attention to detail: you can touch a bird or a tree, and it responds to it, complete with animations and you can pinch and adjust the maps too. You will find the list of items to look for in the bar list on the bottom side, and clicking on them will drop hints on what to do next.

Hidden Through Time 2 gameplay hints
Image via Rogueside

You can click on buildings to get the inside view, which might also be home to other items. The gameplay is engaging, and as you push ahead, the difficulties increase. This night-and-day mode also works with a toggle, which is a concept I enjoyed because some items can only be found at specific times of the day, making you think better.

Now, onto the game modes. You’ll find yourself engaged in two modes: Campaign and Online Maps. The Campaign serves as your story mode for puzzles, delivering a compelling narrative and is my personal favourite. Meanwhile, the Online Maps, curated by different creators, present challenging puzzles for those seeking an extra thrill.

The art style is a major plus, everything is simplistic and eye-catchy

One of the reasons I found the game immersive was the art style. It was simple yet beautiful for me, and as I said before, the interactive side helped me enjoy this a tad bit extra. The colors are nice, and from the snippets I have shared you can notice the same thing. If you don’t find it that way, maybe you tweak your artistic settings to “high” and see if that does the trick.

Hidden Through Time 2 gameplay
Image via Rogueside

Just kidding. We all have different tastes when it comes to gaming, and what works for one player may not necessarily work for another. Jokes apart, I was pretty surprised when I read this game was completely hand-drawn because bringing static drawings to life in such a vivid and interactive manner is no small feat. Plus points? Yes.

UI, transitions, and music are on point

So, user experience plays a part in making the game sell, and I believe Hidden Through Time 2 opted for a safer approach. The buttons in the game aren’t very appealing I should say, they are thus basic and there. The font used in the menu and the overlays of the same on the game are just basic, although here I won’t complain since these are minor details in the grand scheme of things, especially in a genre like puzzle games where the focus is primarily on the challenges themselves.

Hidden Through Time 2 level clear
Image via Rogueside

Coming to transitions, there aren’t many, but thank goodness they aren’t even close to being glitchy. Music on the home screen is soothing, but I like how depending on the puzzle environment the team matches the audio cues to the setting, say tackling a Sindbad puzzle transports you to the desert with thematic sound effects that complement the narration perfectly.

A clean experience: no ads, no purchases

Just a one-time buy. That’s it. Nothing more to disturb. There are zero advertisements to disturb you in your quests. And since Hidden Through Time 2 is primarily a puzzle game, you won’t find yourself hunting for cosmetics either, because, well, there simply isn’t an in-game shop to bother with. So a clean experience is what I got, and you will get too.

Final Verdict

Okay, before you leave I need to tell you the verdict of this Hidden Through Time 2 Review. If you’re wondering whether I’ll be reaching for Hidden Through Time 2 whenever I feel the need to give my brain a little tingle, the answer is no. But if you’re asking why, well, it’s because you can play this game anytime you want.

I liked it, after playing so many RPGs or action shooters, I never thought this was something I needed. I can see why people might hesitate to give it a try, especially considering it’s a paid game. However, let me assure you, the $2.99 price tag is an absolute steal for what you’re getting. C’mon now, I say, why don’t you try out the Myths and Magic in this game yourself?

Hidden Through Time 2 Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7.5
Events and Gamemodes - 7.5
Graphics and Music - 7.6
Controls and UI - 6.5
Value for Money - 8.5



A fun game to puzzle your brain. Might get repetitive for those who aren't accustomed to such games, but else this is a worthy purchase.

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