Hyper Front review: More than just a Valorant clone for mobile

Enter a visually stunning sci-fi universe with advanced weapons and unique hero abilities

Hyper Front mobile is a brand new tactical shooter game with gameplay and visual style similar to Valorant, Riot’s 5v5 game for PCs that are coming to Mobile too. It is made by Netease, who have quite a bit of experience when it comes to mobile games. Overall, it’s a pretty decent and fun game however its likeness to Valorant could land it in some trouble. Here in this article, we will review Hyper Front and share our first impressions of the game.

The game looks pretty well done and polished at first glance. Anyone who has ever played Valorant would be able to figure out that this game cloned Riot’s extremely popular game. That being said, the gameplay isn’t bad and is actually pretty fun and enjoyable.

Spawn and compete in multiplayer maps ranging across multiple gamemodes

Starting off with the review, Hyper Front is quite challenging but a pleasant experience with a few issues here and there. The maps are well designed although the spawn points could use some work. There’s a casual mode that has a classic mode, Death Fight, Arms Race, and Conquest mode (Arms Race and Conquest mode aren’t playable yet but coming soon) while the Ranked Mode is higher stakes ranked Search And Destroy in which players can climb up through ranks. 

grip hyper front
Image via NetEase Games

The weapon balance could have been a little better and snipers don’t seem to deal enough damage at times even with shots to the chest. Additionally, players might face a little lag which might be fixed as Netease sets up servers in more locations.

Choose from a roster of characters with unique abilities including Teleport and Area Scans

Players can pick from a bunch of different heroes to use in battle. Each character has two special abilities and one ultimate ability along with a cool look and individually voiced catchphrases. Quite a lot of the abilities seem to be copied straight from Valorant with special arrows that can show enemies, healing, walls, and more.

The game also has a colorful and futuristic look to it which actually works pretty well albeit being very similar to Valorant yet again. Hyper Front does have bots that step in if there aren’t that many players online but they really aren’t the best at the game similar to the bots from Call of Duty: Mobile so a slight buff to their abilities might be better.

Coming to the arsenal, players can earn in-game currency after every round in the search and destroy mode which they can use for better protection, abilities, secondary handguns, assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and Sniper rifles. Once again, the game copies Valorant. The number of guns, and even their firing modes and design look very similar.

inventory hyper front
Image via NetEase Games

While players can equip weapon skins, there’s no way to adjust attachments or make any changes which really isn’t that bad but games like Call of Duty: Mobile have gunsmiths that allow for better weapons customization

The game comes with detailed maps and visuals along with smooth controls

Graphically the game looks beautiful. Players can adjust the visual settings to make the game look better or run smoother. As mentioned before, the visual style takes a lot of inspiration from Valorant. Maps are quite detailed with a lot of vibrance. The audio balance could be a little better though as at times it’s not as easy to tell whether a gunfight is close or further away. 

The controls are pretty decent and not too cramped. There are the usual virtual joysticks on both sides to move and look around, along with crouch, jump, two triggers, and a sneak button that reduces the sound of your footsteps. The UI is pretty clean and simple and it also has some elements that look very similar to Valorant. Nothing much to say about it.

Image via NetEase Games

IAPs are there but they do not harm much

Just like any other games Hyper Front comes with in-app purchases. However, they are simply cosmetics and do not affect the gameplay a lot. Speaking of weapon skins, some of the skins actually look quite cool and even have animations while being purchasable with the game’s free currency too so they might be worth buying or grinding for.

Final Verdict

Despite being based on or rather copying another popular game, Hyper Front is definitely worth playing. It’s got solid gameplay, good-looking visuals, and graphics, and is just very polished and clean all around. Hyper Front might even be one of the best looking and feeling FPS titles that have been released in recent times.

However, considering how Combat Master, a game that recently had to make a comeback after it was released, got popular as a Modern Warfare clone for mobile and then was removed from the Play Store and App Store. Something similar happening to this title is possible as Riot Games intend to put out a mobile version of Valorant sometime soon. While going for an original design should have been something that Netease did, they probably should do it now since it’s not too late and they still can switch up things.

That being said, for what it is, this is definitely a game that you should try out if you’re looking into a tactical FPS.

Hyper Front review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Gamemodes - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 9
Free-to-Play Elements - 8



Hyper Front, despite copying another popular game, is definitely worth playing. It’s got solid gameplay, good-looking visuals, and graphics, and is just very polished and clean all around.

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