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Invincible: Guarding the Globe Game Review: Unleash your Superhero within

A Superhero Gaming Experience

Invincible: Guarding the Globe is Ubisoft Entertainment‘s captivating foray into the world of the Invincible comic series. This idle squad RPG offers players a chance to step into the shoes of their favorite heroes and protect Earth from formidable threats. In this review of Invincible: Guarding the Globe, we’ll delve into the game’s features, gameplay, graphics, and overall experience to determine if it’s a worthy addition to your gaming library.

You can also try to learn about redeem codes for some in-game perks and rewards, beginner tips to help you start in the game, a hero tier list to know the best characters in the game, currency guidance, and how to contact customer support to save you from any in-game hassles.

Play the Iconic Characters from the Invincible Comic Series

Starting off with the review, in Invincible: Guarding the Globe, you have the thrilling opportunity to become your favorite hero from the Invincible comic series. You get to assemble a team of these beloved characters and strategically send them into battles against tough adversaries. This feature lets me experience the world of Invincible in an entirely new and immersive way, adding excitement to the gameplay.

Engaging in battles was a strategic delight. I enjoyed coordinating my team’s actions and unleashing their special powers in dynamic encounters. The balance between idle simplicity and active engagement kept the gameplay interesting.

Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

The game includes well-known characters like Invincible, Atom Eve, and Dupli-Kate, each with their unique abilities and qualities. This diversity allows you to create a squad that matches your preferred style of play.

I can say that Invincible: Guarding the Globe was an immersive blend of strategy and action. Controlling these iconic characters not only deepens your connection to the Invincible universe but also provides an exhilarating and enjoyable gaming experience for both fans of the comics and newcomers to the series. Whether actively participating in battles or letting my team progress while idle, the game delivered a unique and enjoyable superhero gaming experience.

Complete the Storyline Quests with your favorite Characters

Experiencing Invincible: Guarding the Globe was like diving into an entirely new adventure within the Invincible universe. It felt as though I was unwrapping a fresh comic book, one that stands apart from the familiar narratives of the comics and TV series.

The game takes you on a thrilling ride with a completely original storyline, and I was genuinely captivated by the unpredictability of it all. Embarking on a campaign with the Global Defense Agency, trying to unravel the mystery of a deadly clone army and stolen burger meat, brought a unique blend of seriousness and humor.

Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

The inclusion of familiar characters was a nice touch, providing a sense of continuity within this fresh narrative. Cecil Stedman’s presence as the head of the GDA added an intriguing dynamic to the story.

In conclusion, the storyline in Invincible: Guarding the Globe was a captivating journey into the unknown, filled with mystery, humor, and unexpected twists. It’s a testament to the creativity and a highlight of the game that left me eagerly anticipating what would happen next in this exciting new chapter of the Invincible universe.

The game offers a variety of game modes to play through

The game modes in Invincible: Guarding the Globe offer a diverse and engaging experience for players. Campaign Mode is like being in a superhero movie, with a cool story and challenges to keep you entertained. It’s a mix of storytelling and gameplay that makes each session interesting.

GDA Ops mode brings excitement with its time-based challenges. It’s like a burst of energy, requiring quick thinking and strategy to tackle intense missions. The competitive aspect adds a thrill to the game. Alliance Mode is all about teamwork. It’s not just solo play; you team up with others, making it more social and collaborative. It adds a new dimension to the game.

Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

What I like is that these modes suit different preferences. Whether you enjoy stories, challenges, or working with others, there’s something for everyone in Invincible: Guarding the Globe. It’s like having a superhero game that adapts to how you want to play, making each session enjoyable and satisfying.

Engage in captivating Visuals and an immersive Soundtrack

Invincible Guarding The Globe Game Review Graphics
Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

The graphics in Invincible: Guarding the Globe are fantastic, capturing the vivid and dynamic style of the Invincible comics. I like how detailed and colorful the characters and environments are, making it feel like you’re playing through the pages of a comic book.

The music adds another layer of excitement. The soundtrack is energetic and epic, perfectly fitting the superhero theme. During intense moments, the music amps up, enhancing the overall experience. The sound effects, like the whoosh of flight and the impact of punches, are spot-on, making each action feel satisfying.

Together, the graphics and music made the game feel immersive, and I liked that. It’s not just about progressing in the game; it’s about immersing myself in a sensory adventure that blends stunning visuals and exciting sounds. I can say that the combination of fantastic visuals and a lively soundtrack made the game a joy to play.

Experience a user-friendly UI and controls

Navigating through Invincible: Guarding the Globe was a breeze, thanks to its simple controls that perfectly fit the idle game vibe.

Assembling my hero squad and diving into battles was a piece of cake, keeping things hassle-free for all kinds of players. The game’s approach to controls made it super easy to enjoy without any unnecessary complications, which I appreciated.

Invincible Guarding The Globe Game Review UI
Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

The user interface (UI) in the game was like a helpful guide, steering me through character management and squad deployment effortlessly. A well-designed and user-friendly UI was crucial, making sure I could smoothly handle the game’s core mechanics.

Especially in an idle game where managing your squad strategically is key, the intuitive UI simplified things and added to the overall enjoyment of the gaming experience. I can say that the user interface (UI) and controls are a standout aspect, aligning seamlessly with the simplicity characteristic of the idle game genre.

Spending money can make you Invincible but so can grinding

In the game, you can get new heroes through the Shop’s recruitment system. It uses Hero Dossiers and GDA Gems as currency, which you can earn by playing or, if you’re up for it, buying with real money. While there’s a bit of luck involved in the Gacha system to snag the heroes you want, the game makes sure you can progress without splashing the cash.

Invincible Guarding The Globe Game Review F2P
Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

I appreciated that the game offers multiple ways to earn rewards and advance without spending real money. Whether it’s milestone rewards, daily logins, events, or missions, there are plenty of opportunities to score Gems and Dossiers.

Overall, I found the game’s approach to free-to-play elements pretty fair but it can improve. It’s welcoming for both players who choose to spend and those who prefer to keep their wallets closed. There’s no pressure to shell out cash, and there are ample chances for everyone to enjoy the game and make progress at their own pace.

Final Verdict

Invincible: Guarding the Globe presents an intriguing proposition for fans of the Invincible series, with its visually stunning 3D graphics and the potential for an engaging soundtrack. The game’s accessibility, courtesy of its simple controls and user-friendly interface, makes it approachable for a broad audience.

However, its idle game mechanics, where battles largely unfold automatically, might not resonate with those seeking a deeper gaming experience. While the game offers an exciting narrative and opportunities to interact with beloved characters, it may fall short of satisfying more hardcore gamers who crave greater gameplay depth and engagement.

Invincible: Guarding the Globe Review by GamingonPhone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Storyline - 7
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7.5



Invincible: Guarding the Globe presents an intriguing proposition for fans of the Invincible series, with its visually stunning 3D graphics and the potential for an engaging soundtrack.

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