Iron Marines Invasion review: Explore galaxies and bring peace among planets

Lead the fiercest combat corps in the galaxy!

Iron Marines Invasion is the latest real-time strategy game, made by the Uruguay – based video game producer, Ironhide Games, whose notable titles include the Kingdom Rush series, Clash of Olympians, and many more. The game offers a playground for strategy-loving gamers to get their strategy in position and protect the planet by killing all its enemies. Here in this article, we will review Iron Marines Invasion and share our first impressions of the game.

Embark on an adventure to a distant Galaxy full of adventures

Starting off with the Iron Marines Invasion review, the game is set in a world where crimson vultures and raads are considered a threat to the planet. The job of these iron marines is to defeat them and restore order back. You, as the Federation are entrusted with the system of land and command your group or army to the hostile planet to complete the objective.

Image via Ironhide Studios

The game features many levels in the main progression so players can stay assured that even if they want to do a rush run, they won’t end up completing the game too soon. The main levels are not the only thing players can enjoy. Players can also do some challenging side quests if the mainstream story feels a bit bland. The game is a piece of strategy playground.

Command your army and Fight against an intergalactic invasion

Iron Marines Invasion features different sets of defense units you can command. Each unit has a different background and interestingly, none of them can be compared to one another and find which one is better. Because of their abilities, all of them are different.

Image via Ironhide Studios

One will excel in destroying structures while another will excel in inflicting high damage on the enemies. Although till now it might sound plain and you might think that you will choose all the units to go out. Well, here is where the strategic thought of a player comes in.

Players are limited to a maximum of three types of the army they can choose to summon on the battlefield. Although this limit only affects the types. So players are open to summoning even one type multiple times.

Upgrade, level up, and customize your army of Galactic Heroes

Iron Marines Invasion also has options to level up different stuff such as heroes, and tech lab progression using the respective currencies. Every unit in the army costs a specific amount of Etherium to summon. Etherium is the in-game consumable that is required to set up defensive buildings, and upgrade and summon troops.

Iron Marines Invasion Strongest Units Defense
Image via Ironhide Studios

The game also features a bounty system a player can complete to get the bonus. Although it might be confusing for many players at the start to figure out which currency does what, with the passage of time, it gets easier to understand and more importantly, a proper insight on what to invest in and what not depending on your style.

Additionally, If you feel that you have made a wrong investment in the tech lab, there is an option to reset the progression so you can start again with different plans. At the same time, if you feel that the difficulty is too high in the game or too low for your strategy, you can change the difficulties in the setting option.

The game offers a decent UI with standard visuals and music

The in-game graphics are not of the best quality, but remarkable compared to other games of its class. The map of each level featured a different biome and many small details, which have been properly represented by the graphics level of the game. The UI of the game is decent and matches the sci-fi theme of the game.

Image via Ironhide Studios

The game features an option in the setting menu to change the graphics level in the game. So if this game doesn’t get better performance on your phone, you can turn down the graphics setting. The audio of the game is not much extraordinary.

However, the audio effects are not much worse in the game. The game also features music that is played, however, it is true that music in such games is often avoided by the players as their main focus is on the progression.

Saving your planet can get quite expensive at times

Talking about the IAP factor of the game, The in-app purchase policy has a moderate effect on the gameplay. Even on the hero selection screen, one will understand how many characters the game has put in which requires to be paid to unlock.

Iron Marines: Invasion pre-registration
Image via Ironhide Studios

The game also offers a wide range of opportunities to buy in-game currency at the cost of real-life money. It is really disappointing for players to see games that will feature a lot of content that is paid to play even after the game itself is a premium title.

Final Thoughts

Critics are a part of every title that has been released yet. Not any game is perfect and Iron marines Invasion is not an exception of it. Although it needs to be mentioned that the game has really come clean in terms of other factors we count each game for criticism., the only problem we can pose constructive criticism on is about the loading screen time.

The game takes a bit longer to load and finally play. The same amount of loading time is also noticeable while visiting other pages also, such as the database. In spite of the ups and downs, Iron Marines Invasion is still expected to hang in the library of a big player base as the game is a gift to players who love strategy games.

It leaves no doubt that this is definitely a title worth trying out. The quality of the gameplay and user experience have already made it clear that the developers have put a lot of effort into this game. Iron Marines Invasion is currently available on both Android and iOS so feel free to jump into these strategic operations if you think you are the best one.

Iron Marines Invasion review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 7
Controls and UI - 7.5
Value for Money - 5



Iron Marines Invasion is a decent real-time strategy title from Ironhide Studios. It leaves no doubt that this is definitely a title worth trying out for both the newbies and Iron Marines fans alike.

What are your opinions on the Iron Marines Invasion game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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