KartRider: Drift review: Embark on a wacky racing cart adventure

Chaos and Speed, whichever you choose, first place is waiting for you!

KartRider: Drift is a free-to-play variant and competitor of the Mario Kart franchise in a cute cart racing game that is offered on multiple platforms such as console, PC, and just recently released on the mobile platform. As a cart racing game, the game’s primary goal is to finish 3 laps on the track faster than any of your opponents in single mode and gain the highest possible average placing as a team in duo and team mode. In this article, we will look into and review KartRider: Drift and find out how good the game is on mobile.

Experience a casual but sweaty racing run with KartRider: Drift

Starting off with KartRider: Drift review, after the quick tutorial, the players will then be able to race into whichever racing mode they would want. The game is relatively simple with the normal cart racing mechanics in place with the addition of items that can be used to hinder opponents or help yourself or friends in the race.

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KartRider: Drift like most of the available cart racing games in the market, is a casual racing game that is not focused on the realism of the car and the technical aspects of racing, but on the fun aspect of it. In the game, the players may race against friends or random people online with little to know backward knowledge of anything racing.

Although it might help to be a racing fan, it is not an important part of the game for most people as many people play for the Casual and Cozy atmosphere in the game, especially when playing with friends. However, even with this casual, comfy, and cozy vibe the game still does not have a try-hard charm for people that wants to be the best in the things that they love.

The game offers a fun party pass time with friendly and chaotic races

As said above, KartRider: Drift is a fun and comfy cart racing game that is now available not only on pc and console but also on mobile with crossplay to every platform. This brings a huge potential for the players to be able to play against friends at gaming parties on whatever device they may have.

KartRider Drift Items Guide
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Additionally, the gameplay of the game itself is very friendly and competitive ready as the gameplay is not serious enough to cause rivalry to spark, yet also complex enough to give distinction relative to the skill level of the players playing the game.

The game is complex enough to have a clear distinction between those with a very high level of skill in the game in contrast most of the players who are casuals. There is also an available leaderboard for the faster finishers in every track in the time attack.

KartRider: Drift offers a wacky art style with decent soundtracks

When playing the game it would be easy for players to get lost in sightseeing the background in the tracks of the game. This is due to it even being a mobile ported game, the developers did not spare any detail in the background, giving a satisfying emission to the players even though the game is actually cute.

Image via Nexon

The art also gives a vibe of having a bubbly and fun adventure each time a race starts which also adds to the overall experience of the races. For the game’s soundtrack, it is evident that the company responsible for the game is the Korean developer Nexon.

This is seen in the music choices especially on the menu as those are the tunes normally seen in the pop culture of South Korea. Additionally, for race soundtracks, voice acting, and special sounds, I believe the developers really hit the ball out of the park with it. Each sound is perfect for the tracks and really gives more immersion into the track.

Final Verdict

As apparent in this KartRider: Drift review, it is a fun cute, and bubbly cart racing game that is definitely worth taking a look at especially with friends. The overall gameplay mechanics of the game is simple enough to not take even more than a game to be able to learn which is good for casual gaming and racing with friends. The art is very bubbly, and adventurous yet comfy which really gives an arcade vibe to the game.

The soundtrack is also super where in many games players tend to opt out of the choice of soundtracks but with KartRider it is very much worth listening to. The ported controls into the game have been done beautifully as the players no longer need to press anything to accelerate so they only need to focus on turning, drifting, and/or using items. Lastly, it is highly advisable that when having a gaming party with friends, try and play with them in KartRider drift as the group is sure to have fun racing against each other on different platforms.

KartRider: Drift review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 7
Gamemodes - 7
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



Overall, KartRider: Drift is a fun cute, and bubbly cart racing game that is definitely worth taking a look at especially with friends. The overall gameplay mechanics of the game is simple enough to learn which is good for casual gaming and racing with friends.

What are your opinions on the KartRider: Drift game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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