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Metal Revolution review: A mecha fighting game done right

Are you ready for a revolution?

Metal Revolution is a pretty good-looking, minimalist, and Cyberpunk-ish robot-themed arcade fighting game developed by NExT Studios and Gtarcade. It essentially looks like a reskinned version of the Street Fighter games but with robots, better graphics, and a couple of different gameplay features. Despite being in closed beta, the game looks like it’s finished and ready to hit the game stores. Here in this article, we will review Metal Revolution and share our first impressions of the game.

Before this review starts, something needs to be mentioned. Any Street Fighter fans should absolutely play this game. Metal Revolution is a great fighting game that truly has that satisfaction you get from a good fighting game.

Battle across various gamemodes with unique fighters and their own fighting styles

Starting off with the Metal Revolution review, like mentioned earlier, the game is a fighting game with robots in place of fighters who take part in the best of three (person who wins two rounds in a match wins) 1v1 knockout matches. There are various special attacks, offensive and defensive moves the player must master to become a pro fighter.

metal revolution gameplay controls

While it might seem like all there is to the game is spamming the attack button, to some extent that isn’t true although at times if you’re caught off guard by your enemy they can spam attack you and you can’t do anything to stop it. So perhaps that bit can be tweaked so that players can recover. Staying ahead of your enemy and understanding their playing style while also predicting their moves goes a long way towards winning a match.

The game also has a bunch of game modes which include PvP ranked, training fights with bots to improve skills and practice new moves and also, local split-screen multiplayer, a pretty cool feature not seen often these days but common in older games. There’s even an arcade mode which is sort of a campaign mode. The game also has Missions which are basically objectives to finish that give rewards upon completion. Another cool feature is the Game Hall in which players can spectate and join other matches in online game rooms.

Customize your fighters with skins that range from casual to high fantasy

There’s a good amount of characters you can pick before your fights and each character has a unique and detailed playing style along with special attacks exclusive to them. There’s a bunch of skins for every character as well alongside a bunch of different maps you can fight at.

metal revolution characters review

Unlike similar games on the Play Store, Metal Revolution is definitely way better in terms of quality and effort put into the game. There are battle passes, cosmetic effects, and a bunch of other such features. The game also has a lot of scope for intense and serious competitive gaming.

Graphically, the game is pretty impressive with 5 graphics options ranging from power saver at the lower end of the scale to Ultra for better devices. The animations and other visuals look quite good and the soundtrack fits in well and the sound effects also work just fine.

Clean controls with no ads aid in delivering the perfect knockout punch

The controls are decent and clean while being easy to get used to while the UI could be tweaked a little since at present the text and other options look kind of small and hard to read, especially on the main menu. The game also has controller support which is a pretty cool feature as well, especially in a game like this, and with two controllers, players can play in split-screen mode too.

metal revolution gameplay controls

The game doesn’t have ads which are definitely a positive and also while it does have in-app purchases, it’s pretty balanced and you don’t need to pay to play through and do well in matches. There’s a bunch of cosmetics and other items including a battle pass that you can buy with real money.

Final Verdict

Metal Revolution is a really good fighting game that’s worth playing. Anyone who’s played games from the extremely popular Street Fighter series will definitely note features from that game appearing in this title as well. But Metal Revolution does add its own game style to it as well.

While the game is currently in closed beta and only available to a certain number of players who managed to get a code, it still looks like it’s nearing completion. There are close to no bugs, the gameplay looks complete and polished and overall the gameplay has a finished look to it. When it comes to in-app purchases, a factor which a lot of games fail at, this game manages to create a balance and isn’t pay-to-win. Upon release, which shouldn’t be too far off at this point, Metal Revolution would definitely be a game worth trying out.

What are your opinions on the Metal Revolution game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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