Star Wars: Hunters review: Engage in intense multiplayer battles across the galaxy

May the Force be with you this time!

Star Wars: Hunters is a multiplayer 4v4 Arena game set in the Star Wars universe where players can play as Bounty Hunters and characters in different game modes that require different strategies to carry you and your team to victory. Here in this article, we will review Star Wars: Hunters and share our first impressions of the game.  

The game is set after the Galactic Civil War on the outer rim of the Planet of Vespaara but you don’t have to be a big Star Wars fan to get the most out of the game. This review is going to mostly be positive because the game is a good and fun title with a lot of elements where it functions well but a few minor issues worth pointing out. 

Choose from the long roster of Star Wars characters including rebels, stormtroopers and bounty hunters

Starting off with the review, the gameplay of Star Wars: Hunters is similar to a lot of other third-person shooters. There’s no first-person perspective but that’s alright. There are three classes: Damage, Support, and Tank which players must make the most out of to build a balanced and successful fighting unit.

Star wars hunters characters Star Wars: Hunters review

Damage classes are meant to be the main offensive players while support units obviously provide support to these players and Tanks take on the opponents and can take a lot more damage. The game actually feels a lot like Overwatch. 

Overall the gameplay is decent and although at present there aren’t a lot of game modes and maps, they’ll probably be added soon as the game rolls out worldwide. As long as the graphic settings are optimal for your device, the game won’t be too laggy and the frame rate will be stable. 

Experience the legendary battles that defined the Star Wars universe

It’s not the smoothest experience however and during animations, you can feel the viewing angle struggling to keep up with the movements so that could require some work and polishing. The animations look pretty cool, especially with some of the characters who have melee weapons. With the Sentinels and their machine guns, however, the animations and gunplay didn’t feel quite as tactile.

Star wars hunters gameplay

Each character has their own set of special attacks that take time to recharge and an Ultimate Ability that takes more time to charge up. The Ultimate Ability gives you an extra superpower that’s even more effective. Now because of the different powers and their effectiveness, there are certainly certain characters who’re objectively better than others when it comes to what their special abilities are and that is something else that might need some improvements and balance changes down the road. 

There were no major bugs or glitches that impacted the gameplay experience so the game is fairly polished and well done in that regard. 

The game offers detailed graphics and standard controls

Visually, the game looks pretty nice and detailed with good-looking character models, and the animations are done pretty well. The audio effects are pretty standard and there’s nothing really objectively wrong or great about them.

The controls are pretty standard too and respond well. The left side of the screen allows you to look around and the right side has the majority of the controls. They work just fine and there weren’t any bugs or issues. There is no option at least until now to use controllers. The UI is about the same as you can expect from most games and it isn’t too clunky.

star wars hunters graphical gameplay

IAPs don’t offer progression but do make you look beautiful in the galaxy

Star Wars Hunters do not have any annoying ads to disrupt gameplay but it does have microtransactions. Using real money in the game won’t really give you an advantage over other players which is a really good thing but it’ll allow you to collect and equip different gun camo wraps and victory poses/emotes. Hopefully, the game stays close to this kind of monetization so that players who don’t want to invest money into the game aren’t treated unfairly. 

Final Verdict

Star Wars Hunters is a really fun game! It’s not as good as other Star Wars games like Star Wars Battlefront 2  but coming from a developer like Zynga who worked on very underwhelming and low-quality titles before, this is a major upgrade.

There’s not much objectively wrong with the game aside from the work needed to make visuals smoother during animations. That’s one of the biggest issues at present alongside frame drops that occur from time to time when there’s too much going on which isn’t too bad but certainly noticeable. 

In conclusion, Star Wars Hunters is definitely a game that MOBA fans who’re looking for an action-filled game. Some of the other issues will hopefully be ironed out as the game rolls out across the globe. 

Star Wars: Hunters review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 9
Free-to-Play Elements - 9



Star Wars Hunters is definitely a game that MOBA fans who’re looking for an action-filled game. Some of the other issues will hopefully be ironed out as the game rolls out across the globe

What are your opinions on the Star Wars: Hunters game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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