Zynga’s Star Wars Hunters is expected to have its global release by March 2024

Finally a launch date!

Star Wars Hunters, after spending a couple of years now in the soft-launch stage, will get its global release by the next fiscal year, which might be by March 2024. This was confirmed by the Earning Release shared by Take-Two Interactive for the Fiscal First Quarter of 2024.

Star Wars Hunters was soft-launched in select regions back in 2021

Star Wars: Hunters emerges as a multiplayer 4v4 Arena experience entrenched within the expansive Star Wars universe. Here, a fresh array of one-of-a-kind Hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy unite. Each Hunter boasts larger-than-life personalities, intriguing hidden histories, and unique skill sets that transform them into formidable contenders.

Star Wars Hunters global release
Image via Zynga

By gathering a variety of captivating costumes, animations, and weapon visualizations, each Hunter can be customized accordingly. These customizations reflect pretty well as they not only ensure visibility on the battlefield but also position your Hunter as a formidable challenger, poised to embark on a journey toward achieving glory and acclaim.

Star Wars Hunters was soft-launched in select regions back in 2021 in select regions including  India, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia for Android devices. The game was supposed to be launched in the same year, but later was pushed to 2022, 2023, and now 2024. Even with the limited release, the game provided continuous updates introducing new gameplay modes and features.

Hopefully, this will be the final date of release since the limited launch has restricted players from other regions to try their hand on the game. Currently, players can access Star Wars Hunters on Google Play Store and App Store for their Android and iOS devices respectively.

What are your thoughts on Star Wars Hunters expected to have its global release by March 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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