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The Walking Dead: All-Stars review: Experience the fan-favorite storyline from your mobile

A faithful and bittersweet addition in the franchise

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is an amazing game that follows the original comic book series; The Walking Dead. Com2uS developers have always been the best company to bring the best possible games to the fans. But this time, The Walking Dead: All-Stars comes out somewhat extraordinary from all the other ones. Here in this The Walking Dead: All-Stars review, we will discuss The Walking Dead: All-Stars and share our first impressions of the game.

Killing Zombies is fun but not challenging anymore

Starting off with The Walking Dead: All-Stars review, players have to tap on the special skills when they get activated so that the survivors can use their special attacks and thrash away the zombies from the battlefield. The rest of the gameplay is very easy. Players must choose wisely the team by comparing all the classes and the overall strength of the survivors so that the team is strong enough to fight against the best enemies.

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The players can easily earn valuable rewards such as Gold bars, Canned foods, and Survival EXP. Players can earn these rewards by completing daily quests and missions which are assigned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis respectively. Players can also earn rewards by completing the chapters and the stages. Players can progress into the game by utilizing these rewards and upgrading themselves along with the survivors. Players can upgrade the characters with the help of Canned foods.

The game makes a slight switch to keep things fresh

The game follows the storyline of the original comics along with all the characters as well. But sometimes to make it interesting for the players, developers have made some slight changes to it.

Image via Com2uS

The player progressions, chapters, enemies, and resources are all same. In addition, the survivors can be upgraded with the help of Canned foods and can also equip gears. These gears help the survivors for their safety and provide an extra layer of DEF and ATK powers so that they can fight the zombies easily.

The game follows the proper storyline of the original comic book series. The chapters and the stages of every location are all in the same sequence so that comic book fans can get really fun and love playing the game. The battlefield is also mesmerizing. The game offers outstanding 2D graphics with automated battle-based gameplay. The players have to choose the best survivor they have recruited and then start the battle.

Simple Controls but Graphics isn’t the game’s strongest suit

The game has automated controls where the players don’t have to struggle much to move the characters. Players have to only tap on the special, raged attacks and skills when they get activated. These do not perform automatically and thus players have to tap and use the raged skills.

Image via Com2uS

The graphics are good for a 2D game, but sometimes it does not give a boost to the players so that they can play for a longer span. There are many survival games with the same game size which have better graphics; so, as an experienced player of this TWD version, the graphics are not that satisfying. Although there are so many amazing things to talk about the game, it also has some flaws as well. The 2D animation is really fun but this might change the mind of the players and provide boredom to them.

This is so because of the fact that in this range of size of the games, people get amazing 3D survival games. the other drawback is that the background of the battlefield only changes with the chapters which get continued for 12-13 stages. There is also no such good ranking system in the game that can distinguish between players all over the world and boost the confidence of the players to play and be more enthusiastic.

No ADs but IAP does peek through the dark night

It is true that the game does not follow up with irritating ads. This is a very advantageous thing as players will consistently have an interest while playing. But the game has some in-game purchases which cost real-life money transactions. These will help the players to get extraordinary and unique valuable resources, skins, and packs that look quite fascinating and provides some advantage to the players.

Final Verdict

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a really handy and decent game for those who want to experience the story of The Walking Dead. The visuals are truly not that great and sometimes lead to boredom for the players. But, the storyline, survivors, and chapters are quite interesting and boost the emotions of TWD fans.

The developers need to fix the bugs and issues as we all know the great works of Com2uS. This has a lot of good experiences for the players and the TWD fans will love the game as they can experience the comic book series in the game. 

Walking Dead: All Stars review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 6
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 6
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



The Walking Dead: All Stars turns out to be an experience utterly half baked with an exciting amount of potential and source material, this game does offer a lot of intriguing things while also leaving a lot of room for improvement

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