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Empires & Puzzles Bai Yeong Guide and Tips

Get to know the latest Hero of the Month!

The latest Hero of the Month in Empires & Puzzles is Bai Yeong, the Holy Ranger full of Danger. You can only obtain the Hero of the Month via the Epic Hero Summon, Elemental Summon, or Event Summons. Each summons grants a 1.3% chance for a bonus summons for the Hero of the Month (HotM). But how good is Bai Yeong, and are they worth spending those hard-earned gems to obtain?

Each draw gives a 1.3% chance at a free bonus draw for the HotM

Bai Yeong has good base stats

Compared to the previous Holy HotM, Malosi, Bai Yeong has better base stats across the board:

Bai Yeong7767497351314
Maximum stats of each fully ascended and levelled hero.

These are good all-round stats for a Legendary Hero. While they aren’t perfect for tanking or sniping, they’re good enough to do either if you’re lacking a better option.

Bai Yeong in Empires and Puzzles at maximum level (as seen in the HotM preview)

Being pretty solid across the board also allows you to specialise Bai Yeong once you have them fully levelled. Specifically thinking about these stats, the talent grid allows you to focus down one of the stats and receive minor buffs in the other two as you go. This means you can specialise Bai Yeong fairly easily into a tank or sniper if you need to, once they’re fully levelled.

Bai Yeong’s Special Skill in Empires & Puzzles

Bai Yeong’s Special Skill primarily does 3 things:

  • Damage
  • Miss Chance
  • Healing Decrease
Bai Yeong's Special Skill, Stunning Steel
Bai Yeong’s Special Skill, Stunning Steel

Many Special Skills do damage, so we can mostly ignore this, but 320% is a little low for single target damage, even at Fast speed.

Miss Chance is fairly common on Holy Heroes, but 75% Miss Chance is much higher than anything we’ve seen before! Previously, 54% Miss Chance was the highest (Danzaburo), and that only had a 1 in 3 chance of occurring. The trade-off here is that Bai Yeong’s Miss Chance only applies for 2 turns. If timed well this could be devastating, but if timed poorly it has no effect. This makes this Miss Chance much more effective on Offence, where you have more control over your opponent’s Special Skills.

Healing Decrease has only been seen on Sand Empire Heroes, one Pirates of Corellia Hero, and one HotM before now. As such this is a fairly uncommon effect. At 75% decreased healing, Bai Yeong is in keeping with similar effects of this type, however, it once again only lasts for 2 turns. Lasting 2 turns are normal for Decreased Healing effects, but it feels like a Copy & Paste job as a result. It’s interesting seeing this effect outside of Event heroes for only the 2nd time, but it’s fairly unremarkable otherwise.

In combination, these effects are very good offensively, but quite poor on a Defence Team. On the Attack, you can control when to apply Miss Chance and Decreased Healing, which is critical as they each only last 2 turns.

Elemental Link and Speed

The two things we haven’t considered about Bai Yeong’s Special Skill are their Elemental Link and its Speed.

Elemental Link has been a staple for HotM Heroes for a while now. In addition, Elemental Link is the most obvious example of Power Creep in Empires & Puzzles. When they first came out, HotM Heroes didn’t even have an Elemental link. After a while, they gain 5 or 10% Attack or Defence buffs for Heroes of the same element. Bai Yeong grants a +30% Defence buff to all Holy allies for 4 turns. This is a really significant boost, even if it only affects Bai Yeong.

Bai Yeong’s Special Skill is Fast speed. This means it takes 8 tiles (excluding mana increase bonuses) to charge the Special Skill. In a Match-3 game, each multiple of 3 is a break-point for achieving things. In many cases, Fast (8 tiles) is as good as a Very Fast (6.5 tiles) Special Skill as they both require 3 matches to charge. With most of Bai Yeong’s status effects lasting 2 turns, it’s important you have their Special Skill charged when you need it. While Fast is often as good as Very Fast, I feel that Bai Yeong should have a Very Fast Speed to make it more possible to charge in the 2 turns that the effects last.

Bai Yeong’s Special Skill summary

It seems like Small Giant have sacrificed a lot of power in exchange for a huge miss chance for Bai Yeong. But as it only lasts 2 turns it feels very lackluster. From their Special Skill, Bai Yeong seems suited to be an Offensive brawler rather than anything else. Decent Damage and Reduced Healing suggests they aren’t a finisher, but someone who sets up finishers. Miss Chance and the Elemental Link Defence buff are more defensive, but also pull in this brawler direction.

Bai Yeong is a Ranger for some reason

Note: We are ignoring the relative strength of Classes and assuming all Classes are equally useful for this argument.

Given that we’ve just established Bai Yeong feels like an offensive brawler, you’d expect a class that allows them to keep brawling would make sense. Making sure they can use their Special Skill (Monk / Cleric / Fighter) would be fantastic. An ongoing effect of their own (Barbarian / Druid / Paladin) would make a lot of sense. But Bai Yeong is a Ranger, which can bypass enemy defenses.

Ranger's Pierce talent
Ranger’s get access to the Pierce talent

This mostly affects Damage, and as Bai Yeong appears to be a set-up Hero rather than a finisher, this seems counter-intuitive. Doing more damage would imply you aim to kill your enemies, which isn’t what Bai Yeong seems to be aiming for. I believe Rangers also pierce “Immune to Status Ailments” effects, but this is only on 4 Heroes in the game, two of which are previous HotM Heroes.

It could be worse, Rogue and Sorcerer would make even less sense for Bai Yeong, but Ranger is definitely in the bottom half of Classes for Bai Yeong.

Bai Yeong’s innate resistance in Empires & Puzzles

Recently, every HotM has had an Innate Resistance, meaning they can never be affected by certain debuffs. Small Giant tries to make these as unique as possible, but I can only assume with Bai Yeong that they are running out of ideas. It is a bit confusing. Bai Yeong’s has Innate Resistance against Status Ailments from Minions. Think about that for a second.

Bai Yeong's innate resistance
Certainly a unique innate resistaince.

This is what this Innate Resistance DOESN’T do:

  • Remove Minions
  • Avoid Damage from Minions
  • Prevent Mana Removal from Minions
  • Block Buffs from Minions
  • Stop Minions from removing other Minions

The ONLY thing this does is prevent Status Ailments which would be applied to Bai Yeong by a Minion. This affects one Hero in the game currently – Kvasir.

Kvasir’s minions apply the following effects:

  • The target receives 14 Poison Damage over 2 turns.
  • The target can’t receive new Minions for 4 turns.

The first effect is 7 damage per turn. This effect does not stack. The second effect is a bigger deal, but Bai Yeong has no way of producing minions by themselves.

To clarify, for this Innate Resistance to be useful, two things have to be true:

  1. Your Opponent is using Kvasir
  2. You are using Heroes which can give Bai Yeong minions

This even ignores the flow of the battle. Kvasir is a Rare Hero. If Kvasir’s Minions are that important to the battle, you can probably kill him with Bai Yeong alone. Until Small Giant adds more Heroes with Debuff applying Minions, Bai Yeong’s innate resistance is pretty much useless.

Is Bai Yeong worth trying for?

All things considered; Bai Yeong in Empires & Puzzles is a brawler aiming to weaken your enemies for your main Damage dealers to finish. They feel like a split hero, having both effects which keep your enemy’s health low, and also affects which prevent them from killing your heroes.

Bai Yeong is a Jack-of-all-trades, which is useful for your first few Legendary Heroes, but not once you have multiple Legendries of each element. If Bai Yeong is your first Legendary, they’re excellent. They have a diverse skill set so they will always do something in any team you put them in. But if they are your 2nd or 3rd Holy Legendary, they probably aren’t worth leveling. While they will always do something, they’ll almost never do everything – their effects are just too split up.

I would suggest saving your gems for more impressive Heroes if you are specifically searching for HotM Heroes. If you were planning to spend your gems anyway, Bai Yeong is a nice bonus, but they shouldn’t be the main draw.

What are your thoughts on the Bai Yeong in Empires & PuzzlesLet us know in the comment section below!

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