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Empires & Puzzles Goblin Balloon: Everything you need to know

Check out the new feature, with a whole lot of crate items!

Small Giant games are at it again! In their strive to stay at the forefront of Match-3 games, they’ve added a new feature to Empires & Puzzles, the Goblin Balloon. While it has only just been added with their latest update, here’s what we know so far about the new feature. You can earn a lot of items through this in Empires & Puzzles. So let’s get into it!

Empires & Puzzles Goblin Balloon

Collect Goblin Crates from Wanted Chests

The Goblin Balloon will appear once you discover a Goblin Crate in one of your Wanted Chests. Discovering a Goblin Crate automatically adds it to your Goblin Balloon. The balloon can hold up to 5 Goblin Creates, and you can open the crates for free. Opening the crates doesn’t give you the items, however, you have to purchase the balloon to obtain the items.

Wanted Chest with Goblin Crate
A basic Goblin Crate appearing in a Wanted Chest

How to get a Mystery Crate with the Goblin Balloon

The Goblin Balloon has space for up to 5 Goblin Crates. It also has an additional Mystery Crate which is only available once you have stored 5 Crates in your Balloon. This means that when you purchase a full Balloon, you get access to 6 items (5 from your stored Crates, and 1 from the Mystery Crate). You have to open your Crates before you can purchase or recycle your items, so there is no negative to opening Crates before you have 5 stored.

Mystery Crate Items

Here are all 25 items you can get from a Mystery Crate, with an equal (4%) chance:

  • 1x Compass
  • 1x Fine Gloves
  • 3x Challenge Coin
  • 1x Costume Key
  • 30x Atlantis Coin
  • 30x Legends Coin
  • 30x Valhalla Coin
  • 2x Summon Token
  • 10x Loot Ticket
  • 10x Midnight Roots
  • 10x Fine Steel
  • 10x Grimoire Dust
  • 10x Hardwood Lumber
  • 5x Bear Banner
  • 5x Turtle Banner
  • 5x Axe Attack
  • 5x Bomb Attack
  • 5x Dragon Banner
  • 5x Revive Scroll
  • 5x Super Healing Potion
  • 2x RARE Ice Trainer Hero
  • 2x RARE Nature Trainer Hero
  • 2x RARE Dark Trainer Hero
  • 2x RARE Fire Trainer Hero
  • 2x RARE Holy Trainer Hero
Mystery Crate Goblin Balloons Empires & Puzzles

You can recycle Goblin Balloon items

Once you have 5 Crates or items in your Goblin Balloon, you cannot collect any more Goblin Crates. However, if you don’t want to purchase your items, there is the option to “recycle” them instead. We don’t know what the recycle rewards are yet, the game simply describes it as “a small amount of loot”. Recycling is a free alternative to purchasing if you don’t want to purchase the items you have opened. Expect a much lower reward from the recycle option.

Details inside the Goblin Balloon menu of how they work

About Epic and Legendary Crates

In addition to the standard Goblin Crates, Epic and Legendary Crates are also in the game but they are much rarer. These Epic and Legendary Crates give you a choice of items to pick from (you still only get one item). Once opened, you can change the item you have picked until you purchase or recycle the Crate, so don’t worry about choosing the wrong item.

Details when you open a Goblin Crate. We’re not sure what the chances of getting an Epic or Legendary Crate are yet!

The purchase cost of the Goblin Balloon

The cost of purchasing the items you have opened increases with each Crate in your Balloon. The cost increase appears to be linear after your first crate. Early reporters from the forums claim the price structure (in USD) is as follows:

  • $1.99 for 1 Crate
  • $2.99 for 2 Crates
  • $3.99 for 3 Crates
  • $4.99 for 4 Crates
  • $5.99 for 5 Crates (plus the bonus Mystery Crate)

If you want all the items, it’s best to purchase all 5 Crates to obtain the bonus Mystery Crate. However, if you’re after certain items, it might be worth purchasing sooner if you open the items you want early. We believe the Epic and Legendary Crates will include ascension items, so if you’re lucky enough to get one of those as your first Crate, it might be worth the buying early.

The recycle option only becomes available once you have collected and opened 5 Crates.

Final thoughts

Goblin Balloons seem to be a more controlled way to obtain items. Clearly it is another microtransaction option, but its low price might entice more players to purchase if they open good items from their Crates. Small Giant has made changes to unpopular features before to make them more appealing, so if the Goblin Balloon in Empires & Puzzles turns out to be a flop, they may improve it in the future. Even at its worst, the Goblin Balloon does provide some free items, so it’s hard to complain.

What are your thoughts on the Goblin Balloon in Empires & Puzzles? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Darlene S Redden

First, I believe the goblin balloon is too large. It gets in the way of the flight of the ducks making them hard to kill. Second, I would like some information on approximately how often these crates are going to show up.

Eddie Vander

I agree, it is quite large and obnoxious floating there above the base. I’d like those numbers too, it’s odd Small Giant haven’t released the drop rates of the crates (like they have with everything else). What we do know is that it’s an extra pull in the Wanted Chests, so it doesn’t replace any other item. All I know beyond that is that “no crate” has the highest chance (above 50% based on what I’ve seen so far), with increasing rarity of Crates having lower and lower odds. Unless SG tell us the odds, we’ll have to rely on… Read more »

Fred Schwartz

Another way to con the rubes out OF MORE MONEY. There can be NOTHING in those crates worth paying for except MAYbe a 4 and 5* ascension item


Info: I’ve got 4* or 5* crate – can choose between (5x 3* blue trainer hero, hidden blade or epic hero token)
I have 4 crate opened, but only have option to buy whole balloon for 5.49€ – so have to fine another chest before buying (I don’t think that it’s worth it – better to buy valor pass you get epic hero token + 300 gems + all additional rewards for all 50 lvl for just double price 10.99€)


How do you received the prizes out of
The Balloon

Robert Canum

You buy them!


Yeah – just got Goblin Balloon and then – NOTHING…. Seems a feature to be completely ignored

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