Warface Global Operations: Pre-Registration is now open for Android

The world famous free-to-play PC and Console shooter is now available on mobile devices. Warface: Global Operations is an incarnation of Warface which has been customized for mobile devices. In the modern era of mobile gaming, FPS shooters are taking over the market. Now, one of the promising FPS shooter- Warface Global Operations is also available to play on iOS and Android devices.

About Warface Global Operations

This game focuses on Team deathmatch game mode, where two teams, each consisting of five players, face each other. It is a fast-paced PvP game with a time limit of 4 minutes per round. This time limit is short but perfect for thrilling shooting encounters.

The game offers various maps to play. Some of these maps have specific objectives like capturing a certain area. However, the main objective in every map is to take down the enemy team before they do.

Like other FPS shooters like Call of Duty Mobile, this game also offers various weapons which are upgradable. In order to upgrade the weapons, a player needs to earn experience and money by playing matches. At the beginning of the game, a player is provided with a shot-gun and one assault rifle to play with. Because, like many other games, a player will be able to unlock several weapons as he proceeds to play various matches in the game which makes the game competitive and interesting.

After playing various matches, one can also customize their character and upgrade them with time. An FPS lover will love the graphics of the game. The gameplay is also designed in a manner which is pretty straight forward and easy to play and understand for mobile devices.

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Pre-registration is now open for Android

Warface: Global operations is now available to pre-register on android devices. The game is however already available to play on iOS devices across various countries. The beta-testing of the game was launched in Israel and Sweden for iOS devices. The in-game purchases had appeared in the game from the beta-testing itself. B.V. has now started to take pre-registration for Warface: Global Operations for android devices. You can also have a look at the trailer of the game below.

Warface: Global Operations Trailer

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