Mongoose Net’s Spider Solitaire is a slick, feature-packed take on the classic card game

104 cards, 8 stacks, 1 suit.

Spider Solitaire is one of the youngest forms of solitaire, having come into the world as recently as 1949 – more than 300 years after the original solitaire emerged. Mongoose Net’s polished, feature-packed take on Spider Solitaire is even younger than that. It came out last month. In case you’ve never played Spider Solitaire before, the aim is to arrange 104 playing cards into eight sequential stacks, each stack consisting of one suit. 

You’ve got ten random columns to draw from, and you can only move a card onto the next card up – e.g., a 4 onto a 5, or a jack onto a queen. These cards don’t have to belong to the same suit, but you can only move multiple cards at once – e.g, a mini-stack of 3,4,5,6 – if they do.

That means it’s not always a good idea to move a card onto another card if they don’t belong to the same suit. It may get you out of a jam in the short term, but you might just find you’ve tied your figurative shoelaces together as far as your overall game plan goes. 

Comes with different level of difficulties

Spider Solitaire comes with three levels of difficulty. At the easiest, there’s only one suit in play, meaning you never have to worry about jamming yourself up. The medium difficulty level gives you two suits to play with, and the hardest gives you all four. 

Spider solitaire
Spider solitaire daily challenges (Image via Mongoose Net)

There are three daily challenges for each of these difficulty levels, with leaderboards so that you can see how you measure up against the competition.’s take on Spider Solitaire gives you in-game achievements, too, as well as detailed statistics. 

Spider Solitaire also lets you choose between random or solvable deals. With 10 million deals in the game’s bulging data banks, you’re unlikely to ever encounter the same deal twice. You can download Spider Solitaire for free right now on the Google Play Store, or you can play it for free online

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