Angry Birds Summer Madness: Season 2 of the popular IP-based show is now streaming on Netflix

A return to Splinterwood Summer Camp!

Red, Stella, Chuck, Bomb, and all the other Angry Birds’ adventures in Splinterwood Summer Camp will now continue as season 2 of Angry Birds: Summer Madness is now streaming on Netflix. The goofy show features voice acting by Adam Kirschner, Ana Sani, Deven Christian Mack, and teenage versions of the comedic birds we’ve come to know and love for longer than a decade now.

The fact that the show has a second season now proves that it was a hit when first released in January this year with 16 episodes. It targeted a very young demographic, something which probably worked very well for it. Now, this isn’t all that surprising. It seems like instead of focusing exclusively on games, Rovio is more interested in using the franchise to partake in more profitable ventures.

Angry Birds Summer Madness release
Angry Birds Summer Madness: Characters in the series ( Image via Rovio)

So far we’ve seen 2 Angry Birds movies, a Roblox collaboration, and then this Netflix show, all of which are probably doing quite well due to the Angry Birds series getting a good start a decade ago and being the face of casual mobile gaming.

Coming back to the second season, this season also has 16 episodes (each no longer than 15 minutes). It covers each of the characters from the main group like Chuck, Stella, Bomb, and obviously, Red. They face certain challenges along with the green piggies once again rivaling them.

There’s action, funny storylines, goofy personalities, nasty childish jokes, and a lot more for viewers to enjoy. And who knows, this series could continue beyond this season if viewer engagement remains satisfactory. All episodes of the new season are now live on Netflix.

Are you excited about the release of Angry Birds Summer Madness Season 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

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