Artist reimagines a Pokémon x Comic character crossover and they look fantastic

Breathtaking creations from NYC-based Jai!

Amidst all the multiverse madness of Marvel and the DC movies coming up this year, ever wondered what a multiverse alongside the Pokémon would look like? New York-based, Bangladeshi artist Jai has been imagining such for a while. The artist has been redefining a crossover between selected Pokémon and comic characters from Marvel, DC and depicting them digitally. The Pokémon chosen were mostly from the first four generations. In this piece, we will showcase some of the artworks from the fantastic Pokémon x Comic character crossover, that the artist has created.

Furthermore, the depictions posted by him across several Reddit communities and the personal Instagram handle have been praised by numbers. The artist up until now has depicted the following crossovers, which have deserved massive praise across Reddit and Instagram platforms.

Pokémon x Comic character crossover: List of artwork creations

Mewtwo x Dr. Doom

Image from Jai’s Instagram

One of the artist’s latest works includes a crossover between Ken Sugimori’s creation Mewtwo and Stan Lee, Jack Kirby’s Dr. Doom. The artist finds the Generation I legendary Pokémon capable of several psychic attacks to be a perfect matchup for the Marvel supervillain. Furthermore, Dr. Doom is a genius-level intellect and is no doubt a good matchup for “The best Pokémon ever”.

Gardevoir x Scarlet Witch

Image from Jai’s Instagram

Another crossover was between Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and the Generation III psychic type Gardevoir. Both being possessors of massive psychic power, it is no doubt another perfect matchup. Additionally, the similar abilities of both in distorting time and dimension boost their correspondence.

Zangoose x Wolverine

Pokémon x Comic character crossover
Image from Jai’s Instagram

Accompanied with their respective signature claws, Marvel’s Wolverine accompanies Generation III’s Zangoose. The normal-type Pokémon with its signature move, Crush Claw is no doubt, another great synergy for the mutant. The artist’s creativity deserves praise, as in how he synchronized Zangoose’s ears with Wolverine’s mask.

Snorlax x Kingpin

Image from Jai’s Instagram

Next up, the artist imagines the crime-lord Kingpin to be a perfect matchup for the bulky Snorlax. The obese and heavily-muscled Kingpin crossed over with Generation I’s Snorlax is no doubt an obvious matchup, but the depiction no doubt deserves praise.

Gengar x Venom

Pokémon x Comic character crossover
Image from Jai’s Instagram

What if the Alien Symbiote invaded the Pokémon universe? The artist’s imagination deserves massive praise here. Venom, which has had several hosts across the Marvel universe would have a perfect matchup with Gengar, once it invades the Pokéverse. Both are also known for their wide mouth, accompanied by sinister grins.

Alakazam x Dr Strange

Pokémon x Comic character crossover
Image from Jai’s Instagram

The Sorcerer Supreme along with the Generation I ‘Psychic Supreme’. Marvel’s Dr Strange, besides his signature mustache, has an excellent brain, just like Alakazam. This is just another instance of the artist’s great imagination, which makes him turn Alakazam into Dr. Strange by just adding the cape and a portal in the background.

Scizor x Iron Man

Pokémon x Comic character crossover
Image from Jai’s Instagram

The artist has further imagined the red-colored Scizor to be a perfect matchup for Iron Man. Both are covered with metal and have excellent speed, agility and strength due to the metal coat. Jai has perfectly utilized the red-colored image, which comes to one’s mind while thinking about both of them.

Lucario and Riolu x Batman and Robin

Pokémon x Comic character crossover
Image from Jai’s Instagram

Finally, something for the DC fans to cherish, the artist has also depicted a Lucario and Batman crossover. The Gotham Knight created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger has been accompanied by various Robins. Thus, the artist has added Lucario, who has a Riolu partnered as a Robin. The painting also has Gotham City in the background, to further add to its detailing.

Final Thoughts

These arts are no doubt a treat for the Pokémon and superhero fans alike. The paintings won’t stop coming, as the artist keeps on taking recommendations from fellow Redditors and Instagram followers in the comments. He has further hinted at many upcoming crossovers, hence, interested people can anticipate new crossovers in the near future.

That’s all for the Pokémon x Comic character crossover, created by Jai. Did you like it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Guy Gotham

Juggernaut x Marowak

War Machine x Aggron

Mantis x Aromatisse

Black Widow x Darkrai

Electro x Jolteon

Thing x Regirock

Ayesha High Golden Priestess of the Soveriegn x Cressalia

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