Dream, one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers, has finally done a face reveal 

Woohoo… but now what?

It has finally happened! Dream, the Minecraft YouTuber who shot into popularity doing Minecraft speedruns, has done a face reveal to the 30+ million subscribers he has, who’re also probably the only ones who somehow were incredibly excited for this in a video titled “hi, I’m Dream.” uploaded to YouTube a while ago which has 18 million views at present. 

Dream will shift to IRL content after the face reveal

In the video, Dream stalls for a while before finally taking off his iconic mask and showing fans who really is behind that lime-green Minecraft skin.

And well there’s not much you can say if you’re not someone who absolutely loves him and his content although it must be said that quite a few internet users feel that he resembles MatPat, while others just think he looks like an average human. This was not a surprise since he himself had created a fair bit of hype about it by tweeting out that he was going to do it a few hours before his Livestream went live.

The reason behind doing it now is since his friend and co-creator, George (a.k.a GeorgeNotFound) is now moving in with him and so Dream (or Clay, which we now know is his actual name after the face reveal video) will be seen more often.

He also says that while his Minecraft content won’t change and wouldn’t have a facecam, he’ll be making a shift to IRL content which is actually something worth looking forward to. 

That’s pretty much it although his face reveal has gotten quite a bit of attention (with both positive and negative undertones since it’s the internet) and it should be interesting to see how his content evolves in the coming times.

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