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Genshin Impact fan cosplays as ‘Briden Shogun’ and marries all the Zhongli around

The ZhongEi ship : a reality every Genshin player wanted!

A certain cosplayer took her dream of having one of the characters from Genshin Impact as a husband to a higher level and turned it into a sweet reality. Filipina cosplayer Psyche Elise attended the Cosplay Carnival recently, and as a bride no less. Gracing herself with the iconic purple locks of Raiden Shogun and an elegant wedding dress completed by gloves and even a veil, she took the event by storm with her unique actions. This eccentric but beautiful look gained the attention of every eye that fell upon her and users from the Genshin Impact Philippines Facebook did not hesitate a bit to nickname her Briden Shogun.

Briden Shogun searches for every sight of the Geo Archon to marry him

Psyche strolled through the crowds of anime enthusiasts and video game geeks in her marital search of Zhongli, the proclaimed Geo Daddy of Genshin Impact, and for good reason too. The Briden Shogun managed to hone into every Zhongli cosplayer she laid her eyes upon and snapped wedding pictures with them. It was a terrific sight to see. From heart signs to pillar stands, and fashionable drip to pillar poses, everything was seen that day.

Genshin Impact Briden Shogun cosplay
Image via miHoYo

One of the best husband awards was taken by a certain Geo Archon cosplayer who came dressed in full Rex Lapis mode, with the white hood and regal robes. Elise certainly didn’t shy away from asking for attention as she joined hands and begged for her Geo daddies to respond to her love.

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun
Image via miHoYo

Psyche was expressive in her words, saying that she’ll “simp “and say “yes” to any Zhongli cosplayer. And seeing her profuse love for the character, it certainly is not falsity. Well, looks like our newly famous Genshin Impact Briden Shogun will not stop until she proves that Zhongli and Ei, (The Raiden Shogun) are indeed a match made in Celestia.

What are your thoughts about the Briden Shogun cosplay by the Genshin Impact fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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