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Genshin Impact Raw Meat Locations: Where and how to find them

Collect Raw Meat quickly and efficiently in the game!

If you’re a fan of adventure RPGs, then there are strong chances that you have been playing Genshin Impact. The game has quickly amassed a following, with its beautifully hand-drawn graphics and fast-paced combat. One thing that players new to the game may not know, is where to find raw meat. This guide will show the players some of the best locations to find raw meat in Genshin Impact, so that they can start cooking up some tasty dishes for their teammates. Let’s get started!

How can travelers get raw meat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Raw Meat
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Raw meat is a common item in Genshin Impact and can be found in a variety of locations. Here are some of the best places to look for raw meat:

  1. Drops from enemies: Raw meat can be dropped by most enemies in Genshin Impact, making it one of the easiest ways to obtain this item. Players must simply kill enemies until they drop raw meat.
  2. Chests: Another easy way to get raw meat is by looting chests. Players must be sure to check every chest, where they came across as raw meat has a chance of being inside.
  3. Foraging: Raw meat can also be obtained by foraging in the wild. They must look for animals, such as rabbits and chickens, as they will sometimes drop raw meat when killed.
  4. Vendors: Finally, raw meat can be purchased from some vendors in Genshin Impact. This is usually the most expensive way to get raw meat but can be useful if you need it in a pinch.

List of all the Raw meat Locations in Genshin Impact

1. Mondstadt

Genshin Impact Raw Meat Locations
Image via Game8
  • Wandering Winds: Located west of Mondstadt, this area is full of high grass and bushes that are perfect for hiding raw meat. Players will likely find several pieces of raw meat scattered throughout the area, so one must be sure to search carefully!
  • Stormterror’s Lair: This dungeon is located north of Mondstadt and is home to many powerful monsters. However, among these monsters, are also plenty of raw meats which can be looted from their carcasses. One must be careful though, as the enemies in this dungeon can be very tough to defeat!

2. Liyue

Genshin Impact Raw Meat Locations Liyue
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  • Mining Outposts: There are several mining outposts located throughout Liyue, and each one contains a few pieces of raw meat. These outposts can be found by following the roads leading into the mountains, and they’re usually well-guarded by powerful enemies.
  • Mt. Tianheng: This area is located northeast of Liyue Harbor and is full of strong monsters. However, when defeated, these monsters often drop raw meat, making it a great place to farm for this valuable resource.

3. Other locations

  • Adventurer’s Guild: The Adventurer’s Guild is located in every major city and usually has several pieces of raw meat available for purchase. However, the prices can be quite high, therefore, one can buy them, if they’re desperate or have a lot of money to spare!
  • Treasure Chests: Treasure chests can be found all over the world of Genshin Impact and often contain raw meat. However, the contents of these chests are usually random, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll find any raw meat inside.
  • Gacha: The gacha is a machine that can be found in every major city and allows you to spend resources for a chance to obtain rare items. Raw meat can occasionally be obtained from the gacha, but the odds are very low.
Genshin Impact Raw Meat Locations other locations
Image via Game8

Moreover, players can also buy raw meat from vendor Draff in Springvale. He is present in Springvale and requires players to clear some quests.

Final Thoughts

If players are looking for raw meat in Genshin Impact, we’ve got them covered. Here are all the locations where they can find this essential ingredient for their cooking needs. Remember, these locations may change as the game progresses, therefore, one must so be sure to check back often for updates! Happy hunting!

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact Raw Meat Locations? Let us know in the comments below.

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