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Genshin Impact fan imagines Nahida from childhood to adulthood through a unique art

A very interesting take on how archons actually age!

A Genshin Impact fan created a unique art depicting the well-known Dendro Archon of Sumeru, Nahida from childhood to adulthood. She is a new character released in one of the recent updates of Genshin Impact and instantly became a very popular character, especially with her cute skills and attacks. As the Sumeru region’s primary guardian, she holds a crucial position in the world of Teyvat as a new Archon. Nahida is a 500-year-old archon, which even at this age has a body of a child and is also considered the youngest of the archons.

In a post from Weibo, by a user with an online name of 萌妹相册, which directly translates from mandarin to “cute girl album”. The Genshin Impact fan shares pictures of Nahida in an album entitled, 从小到大 ​, which can also be translated from mandarin to “from childhood to adulthood”. Below we can see how they actually imagine Nahida from childhood to her adulthood.

Genshin Impact fan art depicts Nahida at every stage of her life

Nahida as a child

Genshin Impact Nahida childhood
Image via Weibo

Here in the pictures above, we can see the child Nahida, which is actually her current form in the game. Although a 500-year-old archon she still inhabits a body of a child. This adds to her charm in the game where cute childlike attacks deal destruction just like Klee.

Nahida in early adolescence

Next up, is now older than her current archon form in the games. Here, the artist imagines Nahida as an early adolescent that players may actually never see in the game as Genshin Impact does not currently actually have characters that grow older through the series.

Genshin Impact Nahida early adoloscent
Image via Weibo

We can only currently see the past appearances of other characters through flashbacks present in other story quests. Like Kaeya, Diluc, Dainsleif and such. So this is very interesting on how other Genshin Impact fans actually see other characters growing up, or even how they looked in the past.

Nahida as a young adult

Next in the gallery, will be Nahida being in her early young adult stages. The archon here still dons her white breezy outfit that is present in the other stages of life pictures that are presented above.

Nahida early adulthood
Image via Weibo

We can clearly see how she matures from her very childlike appearance to how the fan imagines her as a young adult which would probably be around 1800 years old, considering she is a 500-year-old archon that looks like a 5-year-old child currently. This is an interesting take on how archons are basically considered Gods in the world of Teyvat, and ages differently than normal ‘mortal’ beings.

Nahida as an adult

Last in the gallery by the Genshin Impact fan is the dendro archon Nahida in her fully mature adult form. Here she still clearly dons her white dress style which has been evident that the author is fond of.

Genshin Impact Nahida adulthood
Image via Weibo

In this version like how we incur earlier in her early adult age, we can estimate that her age here would probably be around 2000 to 2900 years old (disclaimer this is not a confirmed way of estimating archon age by HoyoVerse). Here we can see her give off the same mature vibes which Genshin fans usually see from other characters like Eula, Beidou, and the such.

The artwork of Sumeru Archon Nahida from childhood to adulthood, by 萌妹相册, is indeed a very interesting take on how archons actually age in comparison to the normal way that mortals grow up and grow old. Although Hoyoverse is yet to have an official explanation on how the aging of Archons works, it is still fascinating to see how other Genshin Impact fans see our favorite archons when they are older.

What are your thoughts about Genshin Impact fan’s depiction of Nahida from childhood to adulthood? Let us know in the comments below!

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