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Genshin Impact fan reveals characters from most to least attractive

Here's the most prettiest and least pretty characters in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is flourishing and continuing strong as they are running for over 2 years since the game’s officially launch. The game has graced players with an abundance of playable characters, each with unique characteristics, play styles, and game design. The current version 3.4 has released a total of 63 playable characters. Of the 62 characters, half of them are 5 Stars while the rest are 4 Star characters. Recently, a Reddit user ‘deyan_ivanov’ has shared a post revealing the fan community’s prettiest and least pretty Genshin Impact characters based on design.

Fan reveals most attractive to least attractive characters based on Genshin Impact fan community

With the variety of characters released in Genshin Impact, it is no surprise that people will have some personal bias on who they objectively think is the prettiest and most well-designed character in the game and vice versa. And it seems like one fan has taken the initiative to find out the player base’s preference.

The Redditor asked around 230 players in co-op mode and asked them one question, ‘who in your opinion is the prettiest Genshin Impact character, and who is the least pretty?’ He then compiled their answers and posted them in the Genshin Impact Subreddit. 

From the results, Shenhe is deemed to objectively have the prettiest game design in Genshin Impact, coupled with Raiden Shogun who is 2nd, and Yae Miko being 3rd. The 3 characters have an amazing color palette that compliments their whole appearance. However, what is surprising is his having Raiden Shogun is so loved regarding her design since many fans expressed disinterest and criticized her design when she was first leaked, calling her an NPC who looked lackluster. 

Genshin Impact pretty characters
Image via Reddit

VentiXiao, and Wanderer is surprisingly tied together in votes and is considered to be attractive by the mass, which makes them the prettiest male characters in the game. Xiao, Venti, and Wanderer are quite fan-favorite characters no doubt, short Anemo boys have had widespread popularity due to their similar stories and soft green palette features. 

Players vote Xinyan as the least pretty character in the game

Xinyan is deemed to be the least pretty Genshin Impact character seeing as she got the most votes from the rest. She has always been on the back-burner of getting criticism on the receiving end. Most of the time, the hate she receives stems from her kit, play style, and in some cases her speaking habits in the English Dub. Seems like fans also find her looks and design distasteful seeing as how she got 18 votes. There may be for several reasons.

Genshin Impact pretty characters
Image via Reddit

Xinyan is also shown to have very sharp features as she looks harsh with her expressions. She also coincidentally has a very dark-skinned design and is arguably one of the darkest characters in the game. It feels a bit suspicious that the least pretty character happens to be the character with such a dark appearance. 

Diluc is placed 2nd while Razor turns out to be 3rd. Diluc having such a position is not surprising as many fans have voiced out how some characters do miles differently from their official art compared to their in-game model. He is unfortunately a victim of such a glaring difference. His design from Official Genshin Impact art and the Webtoon does not look the same as his in-game model and has disproportionate features. Not only Diluc, many other characters such as Albedo and Tartaglia fell victim to this mishap. A lot of the characters have asymmetrical features and their appearance may not fall into the standard of aesthetic. 

Final Thoughts

Game design and beauty are subjective and it differs from person to person. The results therefore may be a lot different if the participants were from other regional Servers. Additionally, it seems like the community prefers soft palette features with proportionate aesthetics, while harsh appearances and asymmetrical features are less liked by the mass. 

What are your thoughts on the opinion of players on prettiest and least pretty characters in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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