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Genshin Impact fan reveals the most regretted characters in the game

An interesting take on the characters in Genshin Impact!

The Genshin Impact community has been producing and sharing some interesting and fun concepts in online forums lately. A Reddit user going under the username u/riridouluvme recently posted an interesting analysis of existing 5 and 4 stars in the Genshin Impact Subreddit. They surveyed Genshin Impact players and asked what their most regretted characters are that they pulled into the game. Around 824 responses were gotten from this survey and with the results, the user compiled all the votes and produced some info-graphs.

Genshin Impact fan posted informative statistics of the Most Regretted in-game Characters

The survey has about all the current playable characters till Version 3.3, ranging from 4 stars to 5 stars. When choosing the options, each player also has to answer their reasons as to why they regret pulling for those playable characters. Each playable character option has a set number of options that players have to fill in as reasoning such as Gameplay, Kit/Damage, Buyer’s Remorse, Impulse Pulls, Team Synergy, and Dated and Not Specified.  


  • Gameplay: feels clunky, slow, boring, or uncomfortable to play.
  • Kit/Damage Disappointment: NA, Elemental Skill, Burst, or Constellations do not perform up to standard
  • Buyer’s Remorse: Purposefully pulled for the character but no longer likes them, pressure from friends/YouTubers/Streamers, FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Impulse Pulls: Purposefully pulled on the banner but didn’t want character, building pity, pulling for 4 stars. 
  • Team Synergy: The character has too few team options, and needs too many 5-star teammates to work well.
  • Dated: Character’s kit does not fit well in the current updated content, newer characters perform the same job but in a better way. 
  • Not Unspecified: No specified reasoning. There are other reasoning for regretting the characters that are not in the other options.
Genshin Impact most regretted characters
Image via Reddit

From the statistics shown in the image above, you can see all the regretted playable characters from most to least. The top 3 most regretted characters are all 5 stars. Cyno is the most regretted character as of the current 3.3 updates, having a total of 100 votes in response. The second most regretted is Klee with 80 votes, following Tartaglia with 78 votes

List of most Regretted Characters in Genshin Impact

1. Cyno

From the pie chart, 38% of Cyno users have a problem with their Kit/Damage. Cyno has very disappointing damage multipliers where he underperforms so much that Keqing, who is a Standard 5 Star character, deals higher damage than him. To make his damage consistent and high enough to face the Abyss and other Over-world bosses, Cyno’s kit mostly relies on Quicken’s reactions. Additionally, 20% do not appreciate his Gameplay.

Genshin Impact most regretted characters
Image via Reddit

If we compare him with Xiao, who is also another short pole-arm male character, Cyno has very slow NA attacks and an underwhelming Elemental Skill. Cyno’s Elemental Burst lasts too long which makes players uneasy to waste his Burst by switching to another character. Impulse Pulls and Buyer’s Remorse tie in at 10% which is justifiable seeing as how Cyno has been a much-anticipated character since the Genshin Impact Webtoon hence many people have been hyping him for a long time.

2. Klee

52.4% of Klee users dislike her Gameplay. HoYoverse fumbled with Klee’s whole gameplay by making her a DPS character. Klee uses a child model and is a catalyst user and as such her, Normal and Charged Attacks are ‘clunky’ to use and rely too much on utilizing and learning shortcuts.

Her Attack animations are slow and as she is a catalyst, her DPS capabilities are reduced due to her uncomfortable play-style. 21.4% replied with Not Specified and 9.5% responded with Buyer’s Remorse. The Buyer’s remorse may be the response of the first Klee users during her Banner debut as she was the first limited event Pyro DPS unit back then. 

3. Tartaglia/Childe

35.9% of Tartaglia users dislike his Gameplay. Even though Tartaglia has a unique kit of switching to different weapon forms by his Elemental Skill and having two different Elemental Bursts, his long Elemental Skill cooldown is very frustrating to wait for. He has a 45-second of cooldown after fully or almost using it. Due to the long cool-down, it may prove to be very difficult to properly conduct team rotations.

Childe Xiao
Image via Reddit

Around 20.5% did not specify their reasons while 15.4% of users pulled due to impulse pulling or feeling buyer’s remorse. Tartaglia is an early game limited 5 Star character who is one of the first Hydro DPS units in the game, maybe people may be inclined to pull for him due to those reasons while others may have pulled on his re-run banners due to new limited 4 star characters like Rosaria during his first re-run banner. 

4. Xiao

Xiao users seem to dislike his gameplay as agreed by 44.4% of them. Even though his NA and Elemental Skill are good, his Elemental Burst which is his main kit has several problems. Xiao as a character loses HP when he activates his Elemental Burst to gain Attack. When he uses Plunge Attacks, Xiao has about 0% Resistance to Interruption and as a result, can get knocked out mid-air by any enemies.

As such he relies on Shielders. 18.5% did not specify their reasons for regretting their pull while 11.1% on the other hand responded with distaste regarding their Kit/Damage. Xiao has many internal issues regarding his Burst such as not generating Energy Particles when using his Skill, reliant on healers, and having a high Burst Cost.

5. Ganyu

Ganyu and Eula
Image via Reddit

Ganyu has a drastic ratio of a whopping 81.5% of users disliking her Gameplay. Ganyu is one of the most broken DPS units in the game, but for end-game users dealing big amounts of damage becomes less important than having fun with Gameplay designs. Her users expressed that at one point her Gameplay became very boring and redundant of having to use Charged Attacks all the time. 

6. Eula

There’s a tie with Dated and Not Specified being 33.3% for all Eula users. Eula falling into the ‘Dated’ category for reasoning makes sense since the Genshin Impact content and META have changed drastically after Eula’s banner came out. Many enemies and bosses rely too much on specific elements or elemental reactions to defeat them.

Since Eula is mostly a Physical DPS unit, she underperforms during these situations as a result. Gameplay is at 18.5% due to Eula having slow Normal Attack animations as a Claymore user. Her Elemental Burst has a set timer where it deals AoE damage after it pops and hence her Burst may get wasted if the Enemies are not within the area at that time. 

7. Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact most regretted characters
Image via Reddit

Itto has a very balanced mix of responses where many Itto users expressed dislike in every single category. 22.2% of users pulled out of Impulse or felt remorse after using him. Itto is the very first 5 Star Geo DPS unit and as such many people may have pulled for him due to influence from Genshin content creators. Additionally, Its banners almost always had new limited 4 Star characters such as Gorou and Kuki Shinobu and as result, many players may have pulled for those 4 stars. 

8. Hu Tao

About 57.7% of Hu Tao users dislike her gameplay. Hu Tao, in a similar situation as Xiao, loses HP to gain Attack and also gains buff when she is below 50% of HP. As a result, many users do not have the skill to keep her constantly on low HP and avoid damage from killing her.

Additionally, her Charged Attacks dish out the most damage so maintaining her Stamina may feel frustrating to do. For the 19.2% of Buyer’s Remorse, Hu Tao has also been hyped about by many Genshin CC after her Banner debut so many players quickly pulled in her re-run from the FOMO. 

Final Thoughts

Some of the results feel very surprising while others have justifiable reasons. With that being said, it is advised that players should not pull for Characters just to build pity, get the rate-up 4 stars, or simply have the urge to pull. Additionally, HoYoverse should take measures in presenting the Characters’ kits easily so that players can fully determine if they want the limited characters or not. 

What are your thoughts about the list of most regretted characters in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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