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Genshin Impact player finds a Slime painting on a cliffside in Liyue

The painting looks a Slime!

A Genshin Impact fan has shared something on Reddit that they found while exploring the cliffsides of Liyue. Liyue is home to the Geo archon Zhongli and knowing this the region is home to mountains, valleys, and the such. With them, there is a huge potential for easter eggs and teasers that the developers can hide on. May it be for future characters, events, lore, or maybe even something else. One Genshin Impact player has found one such easter egg painting on a cliff around the Liyue region. 

Player found the mysterious painting on a cliffside in Liyue while exploring the region

In a post by a Reddit user with the handle, u/Asaurus1, the player shared a cool easter egg that they found while exploring the cliffs of Liyue. In the post, we can see what appears to be a painting of slime etched into the face of the cliff. The picture by the player shows the image of the slime just below the character.

And judging by the color it is either an anemo slime that is very numerous in the neighboring region Mondstadt or a Cryo slime typically found around dragon spine mountain that separates the two regions. However, this does not answer the question of what is the painting and what meaning hides behind Hoyoverse’s placement.

So far, there is a very solid theory in the comment section of the Reddit post by the user, u/raccoonjudas. They stated that several of the cliffs may have extremely little HoYoverse emblems painted on them. It acts as a watermark to try to deter individuals from copying game assets for their games.

It also makes it more clear when they do so that HoYoverse can more easily pursue legal action. Thus far other users seem to agree with this theory and some found other watermark logos in other locations such as Springvale and the Dawn Winery

Genshin Impact Painting Liyue
Image via HoYoverse

Such observation highlights how much attention to detail both HoYoverse gives in developing the game and how much dedication and attention to detail the players also give considering they are finding these different mini secret easter eggs that are just scattered about the map. With this, it would be exciting what more easter eggs and mini secrets are dotted about by HoYoverse.

Final Thoughts

The author’s final thoughts on this very interesting and unique find are that it is very exciting to see how much players can see through the game, even if it may or may not be the intention of the developers for the players to see them, yet players treat them as a part of the game’s charm to find unintended easter eggs. It would also be very interesting if HoYoverse would use this style in the main aspect of the game by teasing and giving rewards to people that can find them.

What are your thoughts about the mysterious painting found by the Genshin Impact player in Liyue? Let us know in the comments below!

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