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Genshin Impact player reimagines the game’s characters as Valorant Agents

A unique crossover!

Genshin Impact and Valorant have nothing in common on the surface level. Genshin Impact is a multiplatform open-world RPG whereas Valorant is a tactical shooter only available on PC. Recently, Genshin Impact content creator AsianGuyStream, also known as Atsu, has been enjoying Valorant when he is not playing Genshin Impact and even posted about how much he loves it. Atsu is not the only one, another content creator Stealthless has been inspired by their love for Genshin Impact and Valorant to create a fan-made short clip of what it would be like if Genshin Impact characters were Agents in Valorant.

Experience your favorite Genshin Impact characters as Valorant Agents

Stealthless reimagined the following characters and locations:

Inazuma’s Ritou as a Valorant map

Genshin Impact Ritou as Valorant map
Image via Stealthless

The video opens with a loading screen depicting a shot of Ritou, the first Inazuman area the player experiences, as a Valorant map. The font used in the shot is the same as the one in Valorant, while the symbols of the seven playable elements of Genshin Impact are shown on the right side.

Kuki Shinobu as Jett

Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu as Jett
Image via Stealthless

When Kuki Shinobu is selected, she enters the Agent select screen with her back towards the player, exactly how Jett does in Valorant. Her abilities are explained on the right side of the screen, just like in Valorant, alongside the Genshin-appropriate symbols and Valorant-appropriate keybinds. Stealthless classifies Shinobu as a Duelist just like Jett is in Valorant.

Yelan as Reyna

Genshin Impact Yelan as Reyan
Image via Stealthless

Yelan’s entrance into the Agent select screen resembles Reyna’s glowing stealth mode. Not every Valorant character has a Genshin Impact counterpart, but Yelan assumes a shadowy form while in her elemental skill form, which is kind of similar to Reyna’s stealth mode. Yelan is classified as a Controller, which makes sense since she is a sub-DPS rather than a main DPS in Genshin Impact.

Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden Shogun 

The beloved Archon trio enter the Agent select screen with their respective elemental burst animations, except Venti who is shown with a mug of alcohol, alluding to his drunkenness. They are classified as Initiator, Sentinel, and Duelist respectively.

Image via Stealthless

The classification of Zhongli and Raiden Shogun as Sentinel and Duelist makes sense since Zhongli can summon a shield and Raiden Shogun can act as a main DPS.

With time, the overlap between the communities of the two games will increase. Players can expect to see more of these crossovers in the future. 

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