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Genshin Impact: Top Philippines University held a Seminar on “The Withering” from the game

Real-world biologists researching Genshin Impact!

A mechanic found in Sumeru, the latest region in Genshin Impact has piqued the interest of real-world biologists. UP Diliman Institute of Biology has held a seminar discussing The Withering and comparing it with the real world. UP Diliman Institute of Biology is well known University in the Philippines. They often hold online seminars on real-world counterparts of biological phenomena in fictional media. For example, species diversity in Pokemon and genetics in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. 

What is The Withering in Genshin Impact

The Withering is an exploration mechanic and climate effect in Sumeru, introduced in version 3.0. In Withering Zones, the player will accumulate the Decay gauge. The Decay gauge is shared between characters for each player. The Decay gauge has a maximum of 10 units. A visual effect will occur on the Decay gauge when Decay reaches 8 units, warning players of its accumulation.

Genshin Impact Withering Effect
Image via HoYoverse

The Decay gauge has a minimum of 2 units in most Withering Zones. When hit by an attack from an enemy affected by The Withering or Fetid Boughs within the Withering Zone, the player will accumulate 1 unit of Decay.

All characters in the party have their Resistances reduced by 4% and Max HP reduced by 9.5% for each unit of Decay accumulated. If the player maintains a maxed Decay gauge of 10 units for 10 seconds, then all characters will be killed.

Genshin Impact The Withering seminar was open to all

Reddit user nura_kun shared a post on the Genshin Impact subreddit, informing the world about a seminar that was going to be held on November 17, 2022. Anyone was allowed to register and join the seminar. 

Very soon, the seminar became overbooked due to the sheer amount of people who learned about it from Reddit. Once the seminar took place, the UP Diliman Institute of Biology uploaded a recording of the seminar to their Facebook page. This was done to facilitate those who could not be present during the seminar.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact The Withering seminar was an interesting discussion about something players do not even bother to think twice about. Anyone can watch the recording and get a deeper insight into how our own world works. And thanks to the recording being uploaded, anyone who missed it, or was unaware of it can experience it. 

What are your thoughts as the top Philippines University Holds a Seminar On “The Withering” from Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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