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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Thai Ad taken down after severe community backlash for portraying players as perverts

Ad got taken down after severe backlash

Advertisements are part of the publicity campaigns that developers do to promote their games. However, things went awry for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE makers as their recent ad released in Thailand have been the subject of players’ criticism. In the controversial advertisement taken down, the Thai ad portrayed NIKKE players as perverts.

The Thai NIKKE Ad showed an unwanted portrayal of its players

Creative advertisements are fun to watch, but this ad went a little extreme, and deservedly received backlash. The 1-minute 30-second long ad contains the main protagonist who resembles the nerdy otaku stereotype doing a lewd act while playing the Nikke game on mobile while imagining three NIKKE characters pleasing him.

NIKKE Thai Ad Image Snippet
A snippet from the NIKKE Thai Ad

The portrayal of the nerdy character playing is for the general male audience playing the game, and that triggered a series of negative reactions. What’s even funnier is that the game’s rated 12+. This means players above 12 years can play the game. But the ad released was heavily contradictory, with the portal of the game in an even more suggestive theme.

The video was taken down within an hour. Aftermath, the next day, the NIKKE Thai team were quick enough to apologize for the mishap they did through Facebook, but the damage was already done and the players had already expressed their disappointment.

Final Thoughts

Most of the Gacha Games have a lot of female characters, and without a doubt, most of them are eye candy. However, not all players would want to play for this sole reason, as a game benefits from its other features. The case for NIKKE is also the same.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Beginners Guide cover game
Image via Level Infinite

It is really embarrassing to have such instances happen because these cases only happen if there is carelessness among the team. A decision before publishing any article/content is taken. Many fans still ask questions on how this ad even was a plan from a reputed name. This must be a lesson to pre-plan everything beforehand to avoid such embarrassment.

What are your thoughts on the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Thai Ad taken down? Let us know in the comments below!

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