Minecraft player builds the iconic region of Onigashima from One Piece

Yet another amazing Minecraft creation!

Amazing Minecraft builds have become something of a staple here and today, we have yet another one, this one bringing the worlds of One Piece and Minecraft together with a recreation of Onigashima region from the hit Japanese Manga. 

The player had spent days creating the region of Onigashima in Minecraft

Reddit user u/Heraza recently uploaded a post showcasing the work he spent days on in his SMP and the post seems to have been well appreciated by the community, who found the build really impressive. With the overlap between the two communities, there were also quite a few users making references to the show and commenting on other such aspects in the comments. 

The build makes use of a lot of deep slate and took a total of 6 days according to the builder, who did the whole project in survival after experimenting and figuring out the whole thing in a creative world, after which they mined out all the deep slate stone and other materials in the survival world and built everything up, which is quite an amazing feat. 

Minecraft Onigashima region build
Image via Reddit

As we mentioned before, there’s quite a collection of these builds and we have so far seen recreations of Star War’s Death Star, the Gulf War, Gotham City, Bloodborne’s Yharnam, and even the entire Milky Way. As we’ve repeated time and again, these creations do a good job of showcasing just how unlimited the game is and just how much players can do in the game. There’s currently no clarification if this creation will somehow be made available for interested players in the future but if it is, it seems like there’s gonna be quite a few takers. 

What are your thoughts about the Onigashima build in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hi, its me, Heraza ! Thank you so much for sharing my build :))

Gold D Roger

Insane build !


Even the Pirate king himself praise you.

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