Minecraft player recreates a battleship from the 1991 Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm

Paying homage to a long serving Naval vessel!

The Minecraft community has always spawned some creative builds owing to the creative potential the game has and today, we have yet another example as a player has recreated something straight out of modern history textbooks. Reddit user, u/Speelicious, a Minecraft player, posted pictures of his build, a Battleship on the r/Minecraft subreddit, showing off their creativity. 

The player has recreated the United States naval battleship, USS Wisconsin in Minecraft

The build, which is meant to show off one of the many Battleships involved in the United States Naval offenses, has been identified as the USS Wisconsin, which was an Iowa-class ship that played a role in the Second World War, the Korean War, and then finally in the Persian Gulf in 1991 with its impressive 16-inch turrets before being decommissioned and used as a Museum piece (there’s your history lesson for the day). 

The battleship’s recreation was praised a fair bit on the forum and quite impressively, the builder only really modified the water around the ship with the rest of the build being completely vanilla (and it still looks amazing due to the block palette used). The attention to detail and the skill of the turrets firing, complete with the combusting gases, bring everything together. 

Minecraft Battleship
Image via Reddit

Unfortunately so far there’s no way to explore this build yourself as the OP hasn’t made the world available for download but it might crop up later if enough people ask for it. In the past, we’ve seen quite a few such builds like the recreation of an entire black hole, the whole Milky Way galaxy in excruciating detail, and even Batman’s Gotham City. Like we said before, the Minecraft community has never shied off from dedicated creative work. 

What are your thoughts about the Battleship Build in Minecraft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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