Minecraft player recreates the iconic city of Yharnam from Bloodborne

FromSoftware’s extremely popular title finds itself being recreated in Minecraft!

Adding another great build to the list of amazing Minecraft creations, a player has now recreated Yharnam, an iconic and ancient city from the world of FromSoftware’s RPG Bloodborne, its primary setting with its dark and gloomy array of Gothic structures. 

The player has build the ancient city of Yharnam, a divine of Gothic beauty in Minecraft

The build has been possible all with the creativity and efforts of Minecraft player u/Parking_Price6980 on Reddit and @_potomy_ on Twitter. He has been working on this project for a while now (more than 4 months) and his efforts are very clearly visible. They have been showing off their progress online and saying that it’s impressive doesn’t even begin to explain just how big of a feat this is. There is a texture pack being used here. But that still doesn’t undermine the beauty of this build and adds the necessary aesthetics.

The creators’ work has been recognized by the Minecraft community with thousands of upvotes across posts. This once again stands as proof of how open Minecraft is about different builds. The game has potential for other major artistic large-scale projects like the Milky Way galaxy, the Gulf War Battleship, Batman’s Gotham City and more. Seeing a completely different game get recreated in Minecraft is pretty cool. The attention to detail and perfection in this build makes it very cool.

Minecraft Yharnam City
Image via Reddit

Additionally, the creator has confirmed that this build will be playable. He also said that the map is going to be available on the Bedrock Marketplace. Considering just how creative and dedicated the community is, we should be seeing more builds like this and that is gladly welcomed. 

What are your thoughts about the Yharnam City Build in Minecraft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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