MrWhosetheboss ignites community discontent for his recent ‘downfall of mobile gaming’ video

Yet another 'mobile gaming' video doesn't go well

MrWhosetheboss, a YouTuber who is popular for his tech reviews and has over 15 million subs on his channel, has once again sparked some debates for his recent “The Downfall of Mobile Gaming” video. Here, he mentions some differences between the products in the current mobile market and goes on to discuss how the games released in the last decade fare better compared to the ones that came out recently.

The YouTuber points out flaws in the industry in his video

He recently faced backlash from the Pokémon Unite community, for calling out the game being a “scam” alongside other games for their microtransaction strategies, which was called out by the players for being “far from the facts“. Guess the YouTuber had some more in his sleeve to add and has some opinions to share.

In his video, MrWhosetheboss initiates the discussion by highlighting the modest improvement in performance between midrange phones from a decade ago and present-day models, emphasizing that the disparity isn’t significant. However, he contrasts this with premium phones, mentioning their tenfold superior performance.

difference in game quality
Image via Mrwhosetheboss YouTube

He differentiates this between the PS/Console and Mobile, indicating that the developers have to eye for the weaker smartphones while developing their games, to get more players in. However, he drifts to the market scenario where there has been very less difference in the game quality over the years and thus feels it isn’t anything nice.

Then the talks of the products for mobile gaming followed, alongside how the mobile gaming market is cluttered with repetitive games of the same genre. He ended the video by citing that the purpose of the games is not being fulfilled alongside the players who would prefer a simple-looking game rather than a full-fledged one.

The community reacts have their opinions to share

The community, as expected, didn’t sit right with this video. They are skeptical about the “hot” takes from Mrwhosetheboss in his video, and pointed out flaws in the video. While the comment section of the video showcased disagreements and criticisms, Twitter also became a platform for individuals to share their explanations and perspectives on the matter.

LG Wynnsanity reacted to the video, suggesting he does love MrWhosetheboss and his content. However, he stated that many tech reviewers may lack the necessary skills or ability to fully delve into the condition of mobile gaming. In support of his case, he cited successful industry titles such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, emphasizing how these big accomplishments were inexplicably overlooked in the debate.

Another Twitter user, on the other hand, refuted the defense of mobile games by pointing out that gamers are now protecting games despite the fact that they no longer bring the same degree of enjoyment they did a few years ago.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the perception and interpretation of MrWhosetheboss’ opinions lie in the hands of the viewers. Sharing personal viewpoints does not inherently make someone a negative entity, as diverse opinions exist within any given topic. However, to present a more comprehensive picture, displaying accurate statistics and industry record-breaking successes may have presented a balanced depiction.

But mentioning the high number of games in the market isn’t actually a downfall. It might be the case of quality being reduced, but it doesn’t hit the booming market at all. Also, the elements of downfall were not exactly explained as ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions still remain. Highlighting not only the ‘downfall’ parts but also the booming state of the mobile gaming sector isn’t the right way to justify a wrong message.

What are your thoughts on the recent video of MrWhosetheboss on the downfall of mobile gaming? Do you feel the same way? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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