Popular YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss faces backlash from Pokémon Unite community on his latest video

Pokémon Unite community is going crazy over YouTuber's video!

Famous YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss, with almost 12 million subscribers, is facing major backlash from the Pokémon Unite community on his latest video titled How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.”

In the video, he explained how mobile games scam their customers with their microtransaction strategies. He specifically targeted the famous 5v5 MOBA game Pokémon Unite in his video, creating controversies over Twitter and Reddit

Mrwhosetheboss called several aspects of Pokémon Unite and few other games an actual scam in his video

In his video, Mrwhosetheboss highlighted several aspects of Pokémon Unite which he specifically mentioned to be an actual scam. He also mentioned that other mobile games like Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty Mobile, and Clash of Clans are also scamming their players in the same way. 

In the first part of his video, he highlighted how developers offer premium rewards to their players only if they buy battle passes for a comparatively higher price. Almost all mobile games include battle pass features, Pokémon Unite is also not an exception to it. He also pointed out that developers entice the players to purchase by keeping the lucrative rewards locked for the free players. Pokémon Unite developers also pressurize other players to buy the Battle Pass by featuring locked premium Holoware skins in the rewards. 

But it isn’t the cosmetics only that was pointed out by the YouTuber. He accused that Pokemon UNITE requires players to spend a huge amount of money to upgrade items required for proper gameplay. He also mentioned that the item progression in the game is so slow, that players are bound to make the purchases and spend thousands of dollars behind it.

The YouTuber alleged Pokémon Unite to hide the real cost of in-game items with the currency exchange process

Mrwhosetheboss also showed a clip of a developer, where the developer was seen explaining a term called the ‘the first spend.’ The first spend is a very useful strategy used by game developers to make the players purchase their in-game items. The developers typically offer the first purchase at a very cheap rate, enticing the players to make the purchase.

Pokémon Unite mrwhosetheboss backlash
Image via The Pokémon Company

In Pokémon Unite’s case, he mentioned the 7-day paid login bonus for $1. The first purchase is said to be the icebreaker. Players who make the first purchase feel more confident and want to buy more in the future. He also alleged that Pokémon Unite hides the real cost of their in-game items with their currency exchange process. He showed a flowchart about currency exchanges and explained the whole process. 

Pokémon Unite community including several famous YouTubers expressed their anger at the video

Soon after the video was posted by Mrwhosetheboss, it created a massive controversy inside the Pokémon Unite community. Players and content creators have taken up social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction with the video. Many claimed that they already proved Mrwhosetheboss wrong by winning games without paying a single penny for the game.

The Pokémon Unite subreddit has seen a surge of memes and trolls, with more being posted every minute. Famous Cloud9 Streamer, CrisHeroes posted on Twitter about the matter with the caption “I can’t.”

Another famous Pokémon Unite content creator, SuperTeeds also disagreed with Mrwhosetheboss’ video on a Twitter post. 

Popular Youmuus also posted on Twitter calling Mrwhosetheboss a clown for making such a video. 

Pokémon Unite content creator Krashy made a whole 52-minute response to Mrwhosetheboss’ video and explained his point of view on the matter. 

YouTuber spragels also agreed with many things about the video, but also mentioned that Mrwhosetheboss was wrong in many aspects. 

The community also reacted opposing the video of Mrwhosetheboss. Many claimed that Pokémon Unite might include some microtransaction strategies, but it’s not predatory for the players. The game is also completely free-to-play.

So the question of Pokemon UNITE being a pay-to-win is proved wrong by the community. It is good for the devs that the community is now seeing the game in this way which is just the opposite of when the game was first launched about a year ago.

What are your thoughts as Mrwhosetheboss is facing backlash for his video on Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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