PUBG Mobile Youtuber Toxic Madan arrested for abusive videos

Police also ceased his Audi cars

The popular PUBG Mobile player and live streamer Madan Kumar was found in his friend’s residence in Dharmapuri at 8 am on Friday, June 18, and was subsequently arrested by the Cyber Crime Wing of Tamil Nadu police because of his excessive abusive videos. Madan’s wife Kruthika, who also helped in running his Youtube channels was taken into custody a couple of days earlier from Salem.

About Madan’s PUBG Mobile Youtube Channel

With over 800k subscribers together in both his channels, Madan rapidly rose to fame since arriving in the Youtube scene in 2019 and gained a cult like following among videogame fanatic teenagers. His main channel ‘M A D A N’ has over 775k subscribers while his 2nd channel, Toxic Madan, has over 100k.

pubg madan, madan youtube channels
One of Madan’s Youtube channels

Madan’s wife Kruthika provided a female voiceover in his videos and has been arrested along with him for sharing and encouraging vulgar commentary online. Madan had also uploaded videos of himself playing PUBGM, the mobile game that had been banned in India for quite some time. He reportedly used VPN to play the game and stream it on his Youtube channel.

Why Madan is arrested

Madan and his wife were alleged to have created PUBG Mobile videos and streams where Madan engaged in indecent and insulting conversations with women and minors. Madan was also known for his misogynistic antics where he perpetrated providing obscene commentaries to degrade women in video games.

It is reported that there have been about 160 complaints to the Tamil Nadu police regarding Madan’s online behavior. Madan and his wife have been booked under different sections of the IPC, the IT act, and the Representation of Women Act.  There have also been complaints regarding financial fraud which the police will conduct further inquiries. Madan is set to be brought to Chennai after his bail plea had been dismissed by the Madras High Court. There are also investigations being carried out by the police to find if there are others who are involved with Madan’s Youtube channel.

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