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Broken movement mechanics of Apex Legends Mobile might be a major reason for the game’s downfall

Broken movement mechanics has left players with nothing but disappointment!

Since its release, Electronic Arts’ mobile title Apex Legends Mobile has been receiving quite the attention, but for all the wrong reasons. And it doesn’t seem like the game is going to show any major improvements for months to come. Apart from optimization issues for budget devices, there are major concerns with the gameplay itself that is creating a huge skill gap in the active player base. With the season 2 update, the infamous bunny hop got nerfed. But just when everybody thought Apex Legends Mobile would now offer equal stakes to everybody, top players on the leaderboards soon found out more ways to exploit broken movement mechanics, the most menacing one being the wall strafing.

Strafing due to broken movement mechanics is creating a huge skill gap between Apex Legends Mobile players

The secret to wall strafing is that the player needs to set their Climb settings to ‘Quick’. With this, if a player latches onto a wall while holding the jump button, they can gain an unreal momentum boost in the opposite direction.

This makes hitting wall-strafing players nearly impossible, even if you have a decent aim. While almost every game mechanic comes with loopholes to be exploited, Apex Legends Mobile is suffering severely due to this.

Also in close combat, players who use more fingers (iPad players with 5 to 6-finger layout), are exploiting another movement mechanic (Tap Strafing) which is allowing them to gain slide momentum by doing an idle jump and pressing the slide button just before landing. This allows them to keep their hitbox moving around in random directions while a player with a more simplistic setting fails to keep up.

Unbalanced matchmaking in Apex Legends Mobile is affected due to the skill gap

The major setback the player base is facing is the skill gap where players are unable to get balanced matchmaking. The majority of the good players are in Master and above in the game. So, if you are matched in a Master lobby, it is full of players strafing around.

And if you are anything below, even at Diamond 1, the lobby is full of bots. This is because most casual players aren’t playing the game.

For a mobile game to survive, a steady inflow of new and casual players is paramount. But feeling helpless against these broken movement mechanics, players aren’t experiencing any satisfactory matches where they can put up a fight, except for bot lobbies of course. Considering the success of mobile games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, movement penalties must be much more severe if Apex Legends Mobile hopes to maintain a healthy player base.

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