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Ex-Astris is elevating premium games beyond Anime Gacha norms

Premium is the new Gacha

Ex Astris is a premium turn-based RPG developed by Gryphline, that has generated significant anticipation since pre-registration began in January 2024. Its official launch in late February 2024 marks the start of its journey. In this article, I will talk about why choosing Ex Astris as a Premium Game over gacha games might be a good choice for some fans of anime-inspired games.

After spending several hours playing the game and writing a review and a beginners guide, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to other anime-like games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, many of which rely on gacha-based monetization. In these games, acquiring desired characters or items often requires luck, money, or extensive grinding. However, Ex Astris stands differently because purchasing the game grants access to its full content.

Did Ex Astris set a new trend as a premium game over gacha titles

Opting for a one-time purchase in Ex Astris unlocks all its content through dedicated gameplay and grinding. This model distinguishes it from other anime-style games where character acquisition often relies on in-app purchases or resource grinding. In these games, you may face tempting yet frustrating scenarios where you must either spend real money or invest significant time to unlock desired characters.

Ex Astris graphics, Choosing Ex Astris as a premium game over gacha games
Image via Gryphline

In contrast, Ex Astris offers a wide choice of characters, allowing you to freely choose and experience various gameplay styles without artificial restrictions or time-limited events. This approach provides a more inclusive and rewarding experience, emphasizing gameplay depth over the allure of in-app purchases.

While it’s possible to play other gacha games for free, you’ll encounter limitations on characters and resources, leading to more time spent grinding rather than enjoying the game. Progression depends on your level of investment and how much you want to advance, but as a free-to-play player, you’ll always face restrictions on premium features.

For instance, acquiring skins for characters like Diluc and Keqing in Genshin Impact requires purchasing them, with no option to earn them through gameplay. In contrast, Ex Astris offers cosmetics like outfits completely free of charge.

Ex Astris gameplay quality is comparable to other well-known titles

Ex Astris stands out in mobile gaming because it matches up to well-known RPGs in a few important ways. First off, its story and world-building draw players in just like other top RPGs do. Exploring Allindo feels like a grand adventure, full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

However, where Ex Astris truly shines is in its combat mechanics. Unlike traditional turn-based games, it introduces a dynamic system that allows players to string combos seamlessly between character actions. This strategic depth injects a level of excitement and engagement that’s often reserved for real-time RPGs, setting Ex Astris apart as a refreshing and innovative addition to the mobile RPG landscape.

Ex Astris block
Image via Gryphline

I approached Ex Astris without high expectations regarding its quality, considering its lack of widespread hype or recognition compared to more prominent titles. However, knowing that it came from the creators of Arknights, I anticipated a certain level of polish and gameplay depth.

Surprisingly, Ex Astris exceeded my expectations, delivering a compelling experience that rivals established games in its genre. This unexpected quality showcases the developers’ expertise and dedication to creating a standout mobile RPG, proving that sometimes, the most unassuming games can offer the most enjoyable surprises.

Unlike typical turn-based games, it mixes in real-time elements, making battles more dynamic and exciting. You can switch between different combat styles and pull off strategic moves, adding thrill to every fight. Plus, the game lets you customize your characters and progress in satisfying ways.

Premium Games vs Gacha Games

Premium games and gacha games offer distinct experiences in the gaming world. Premium games typically require a one-time purchase or subscription fee upfront, granting you access to the full game without additional microtransactions. These games often focus on providing a complete and polished experience from the start, with no need to worry about in-game purchases hindering your progress.

Ex Astris mission, ex astris map
Image via Gryphline

You can enjoy the game at your own pace without feeling pressured to spend more money on essential features or content. On the other hand, gacha games follow a free-to-play model but rely heavily on in-app purchases or “gacha pulls” to unlock characters, items, or features. While you can access the game for free, your progression is often tied to luck or spending real money to obtain desirable items or characters.

Gacha games may offer a wide range of content and events to keep you engaged, but they can also create a pay-to-win environment where players with deeper pockets have a significant advantage. Ultimately, the choice between premium games and gacha games boils down to your personal preference regarding payment models and gameplay experiences.

Comparison with other Premium Games

Ex Astris offers a premium RPG experience on mobile with a one-time purchase, providing players with all its content without microtransactions or gacha elements. Similarly, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions stands as a premium tactical RPG, featuring complex gameplay, strategic battles, and an engaging storyline in a fantasy world. These games prioritize quality content and fair monetization, ensuring players can enjoy immersive narratives and engaging gameplay without constant spending or grinding.

Ex Astris Characters
Image via Gryphline

Adding to this lineup is Chrono Trigger, a beloved classic RPG known for its time-traveling narrative, memorable characters, and deep gameplay mechanics. It offers a complete experience without relying on in-app purchases or luck-based progression, catering to players who appreciate intricate storytelling and strategic depth.

While Ex Astris offers a modern gaming experience, it’s worth noting that games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, might feel a bit outdated in terms of graphics and mechanics. However, their timeless storytelling, deep gameplay, and lack of microtransactions make them enduring classics that continue to attract players.

In an official statement shared to GamingonPhone, Gryphline team meantions “As different monetization models, Gacha and Premium games offer players diverse gaming experiences. For Ex Astris, opting to develop a premium game is about exploring various monetization possibilities. We aim to provide varied gaming experiences with Ex Astris, the one-time purchase allows players to continuously enjoy all game content without any additional costs, experiencing a cool blend of turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action. We will be working on optimizing the game content to enhance the player experience”.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between premium games and gacha games, it’s essential to consider your gaming preferences and budget. Premium games offer a complete experience upfront without additional purchases, ideal for players looking for a polished and immersive gaming journey. On the other hand, gacha games provide free access but may require spending money for desirable content, catering to players who enjoy collection mechanics and ongoing events.

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Chrono Trigger still holds up graphically and mechanically. It’s not the least bit outdated in any regard.

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