How the Extra Heroes Life will change the way we play Clash of Clans

Breaking down the new Quality of Life update!

Supercell Games has announced January 2022 balance changes, which is the first round of balance changes for 2022 last month. It has now been followed with a bonus Quality of Life update, that aims to refine the experience for gamers including changes to Clan UI and bug fixes. But, the biggest change is the heroes’ health system. We will find a way to break down the new mechanic of Extra Heroes Life and reveal how it affects the Clash of Clans players.

Clash of Clans: Extra Heroes Life system

Clash of Clans Extra Heroes Life
Heroes Extra Life ( Image via Galadon Gaming)

For a long period of time, players have been plagued by the slow healing rate of heroes, which means that gamers have to wait in between two raids or spend gems. With the introduction of Extra Heroes Life, Supercell Games hopes to mitigate the problem at hand and allow Clash of Clans players to jump right back into the battlefield. Extra Life grants an additional health bar to Heroes, which lets them regain full health faster.

Clash of Clans: Extra life mechanics breakdown

  • Extra Life is a secondary health bar, having equal HP as the Hereos HP. 
  • The Extra Life is shown as a heart icon, next to the Hero’s HP indicator. When the Extra Life is fully regenerated to 100%, it will display a heart icon with a “+1”.
  • When a Hero returns from battle to the Home Village after taking damage, the Extra Life health is used towards healing these battle-worn champions. This means that the Hero will be healed fully, if the extra Life bar is full. The corresponding health will be deducted from the extra Life bar.
  • Heroes first heal their health. Once their health is 100%, then, the Extra Life bar will begin to regenerate.
  • The rate of regeneration in Clash of Clans after Extra Life is the same as Heroes’ normal HP regeneration.
  • Training potion impacts the speed of regeneration of Extra Life.

It is to be noted that extra life affects only the recovery of heroes after the battles in Clash of Clans. It has no effect on the Heroes’ health during an attack.

Clash of Clans: Gameplay changes

It is very common for players to keep two armies trained at a time. But, the disparity between the healing time of heroes and the secondary army being ready was an obstacle for players. Due to slow HP regeneration, players had to wait for Heroes to be battle-ready. Extra Life will change the gameplay in the following ways:

Clash of Clans balance changes August 2021, Clash of Clans January 2022 balance changes, Clash of Clans Extra Heroes Life
Image via Supercell
  • Players will be able to farm loot items like elixir, dark elixir and gold faster and efficiently, by jumping into back to back battles. 
  • The change will also allow players to trophy push, if they are willing to go in battle without clan castle troops or by using gems to request clan castle troops. 
  • Extra Life will improve the defensive capabilities as well, since after an attack Heroes would not aid in saving the village from being destroyed as they would be sleeping to regain their lost HP. With Extra Life, they will be ready for enemy raids even after completing an attack.
  • For f2p players, the addition of Extra Life to the game means they do not have to spend the hard-earned gems to replenish the HP of their Heroes or boost their healing rate for faster turn-around time.

The addition of Extra Life for heroes means the Clash of Clans players can expect more of such quality of life updates in the future which will solve fundamental issues that plague the day-to-day operations.

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