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How World of Warcraft mobile might change the entire mobile MMORPG genre

A new World of Warcraft title for mobile is under works. What does this mean for the MMORPG genre?

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world. The game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004 and revolutionized the entire MMORPG genre. And now Blizzard has announced a mobile version of World of Warcraft with the uncertainty of being an MMORPG or RTS. However, chances are much higher that Warcraft Mobile will probably be an MMORPG and here we are going to take a look at how the game might change the mobile MMORPG genre.

Revolutionizing the MMORPG genre

It’s been more than a decade since this game came out but still remains to be the king of MMORPGs. This is because of what World of Warcraft has brought to the MMORPG genre. There were MMORPGs before WoW, but nothing close to the setting which it had.

WoW had very good lore, beautifully crafted locations, and excellent gameworld. This made it stand apart from other games. Blizzard had great writers who added more flavor to the game’s quest which kept players spending more hours in the game. 

world of warcraft mmorpg
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft allowed players to gain experience level by completing quests. In fact, they brought this to this genre. Games before this had no relationship between leveling up and quests. On top of that, the quests were straightforward. Another thing WoW brought was talents. A talent is a special ability where players can select every 15 levels. At each of the 15 levels, players can choose up to three abilities that can help their gameplay. 

World of Warcraft has also structured the raiding system. Raiding existed before WoW but Blizzard brought a structure to it. Raids were fixed for limited players and granted rewards for only a few. Players have to develop strategies to get the most out of raids. 

Mobile MMORPGs and WoW

MMORPG isn’t a very popular genre in mobile compared to others. There are few games in the MMORPG genre that are good. But the genre is either filled with gacha styled games or games which don’t have a lot of creativity. One thing should be noted that we don’t know what type of game Blizzard is planning to release. 

new Warcraft mobile title, COD Mobile $1 billion revenue Activision
Image via Activision Blizzard

Here are a few things that WoW can change in the mobile MMORPGs

  • Autoplay is a feature which many mobile MMOs have that is considered annoying by players. Though many players use it, it doesn’t bring satisfaction when we grind for something. Autoplay system needs a revamp. WoW can bring significant changes to this just like how they brought reforms to raiding. 
  • The story in many not that great, to say the least. One of the main things that drive an RPG is a good story. I have to admit that even some pc titles lack a good story. WoW can bring that to mobile. They have already built a lore, either they can bring the same lore or build something new on top of that. 
  • Lack of in-depth exploration: After a while many mobile MMOs become very stagnant. This is mainly due to the lack of a good story. This is one of the main reasons why players tend to stop playing these games. 
  • Poor combat mechanics: Most of the mobile MMOs require you to simply tap a button to defeat an enemy. Over time this becomes super boring. This is why I think people prefer auto play since there aren’t any special moves players can do. WoW can bring a better combat system to mobile that lets players learn new moves and strategies for combat movies when raiding or battling.

World of Warcraft mobile will definitely shack things up in the mobile games market and revive the MMORPG genre to make this mainstream for mobile gamers. 

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