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PMCO Spring Split 2021: Massive number of disqualified teams are putting a question mark on the qualifiers

Cheating in Esports is now a serious problem!

PUBG Mobile Club Open is one of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments in the competitive scenes of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) showcases the best PUBG Mobile players and squads among the 27 regions across the world. PMCO 2021 is regarded as the gateway to joining the world’s largest mobile Esports event, PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), for anyone who wants to play PUBG Mobile competitively and start their esports career. Due to the COVID-19 protocols, everything is now being played online. With several teams now being disqualified, this puts the whole qualifiers of the PMCO Spring Split 2021 into jeopardy.

The registration of the tournament started on 1st January and ended on 24th January. The qualification round took place between 1st February to 7th February. The regional group stage has started on 16th February and ended on 21st February and the regional finals have started on 24th of February and will end on 28th February. The prize pool of PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2021 is a whopping $1,642,400! But the increasing number of disqualified teams have also put a question mark on the qualifiers of this tournament. A total of 27 teams from 27 regions are now disqualified from the event due to the breach of the competition rules.

Online qualification process

The qualification process consists of four different parts. After the process of registration for teams via the website, the online qualifiers take place through the in-game classic matches. Selected teams from the qualifiers play the regional group stage with few teams qualifying from group stages to play in the regional finals. But here comes the actual problem, most of the teams selected from the online qualifiers have been caught using third-party applications or accused of bypassing the anti-cheat software while playing the qualifiers. These violations of the Code of Conduct and by the PUBG Mobile competitive policies have made them ineligible to play. The authorities will strip all points, placement as well as prize money.

PUBG Mobile Spring Split Competitive Ruling

The highest-ranked non-qualified teams in the region finals would replace the disqualified teams in the Top 16 of the 2021 PMCO Spring Split. It is quite heartbreaking for the legit players because only a certain number of teams qualifies from around 1000+ teams from all regions. This incident reveals that most of the qualified teams cleared the stage by cheating. It definitely kills the chances of legit and good players, which is not right.

Disqualified teams from PMCO Spring Split 2021

Here is the list of the 44 teams from all regions with their reasons for their disqualification.

United Kingdom

  • CYREX esports – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Smokers Esports – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • V12 – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Syrax Esp – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Fool Esports – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • UNI TEAM – Ringing/ Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • iKURD E-SPORTS – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Optic Gaming – Ineligible player
  • KURD MAN – Usage of Third-Party Software

United Arab Emirates & Turkey

  • Emaar (UAE) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Aquareborn (UAE) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • EmiratesDxB (UAE) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Team Shurta (UAE) – Participating in Multiple Regions
  • F16 Esports (UAE) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Barcode Plch (UAE) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • MYS Gaming (UAE) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Semper Victor (UAE) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Team iQ (UAE) – Ineligible player
  • FLBV (Turkey) – Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Lux Game Espor (Turkey) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software

France & Germany

  • LDI PUNCH (France) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • OneDon (France) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • NCS ESPORTS (France) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Vforv (France) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • MASTERSxFR (France) – Ineligible player
  • SPACE FORCE (France) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • 4RQ Esports (France) – Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Flex Esports (Germany) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software

North America

  • TeamMvrk – Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Kof5g – Not Meeting Residential Requirement

CIS and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • ROV ESPORTS (CIS)- Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Cyber Cartel (CIS)- Usage of Illegal Device (Tablet)
  • TeamOpRaJpuT (CIS)- Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Delta9 (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)- Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement

Egypt & Iraq

  • Black Cloud (Egypt) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • OldTeamEG (Egypt) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Black Cloud (Egypt) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • OldTeamEG (Egypt) – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • BFF ESPORTS (Iraq) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • LAST DAY (Iraq) – Ringing/ Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Logic up (Iraq) – Ineligible player

Wildcard teams from Europe and MENA

  • DarkKnock – Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Rozavlea – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Master Esports – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • team masters – Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Anonymous (MENA) – Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement

Possible solutions to eradicate cheating

PMCO Spring Split 2021 Teams Disqualified
Cheating in Esports: How it can be dealt with?

Tencent has taken a favourable stand for the PUBG Mobile community by being transparent about their actions and revealing the violators publicly after a long time. With cheating becoming a serious problem in Esports nowadays, we will discuss the possible solutions for excessive cheating activities in Esports.

  • Inclusion of LAN: The inclusion of LAN (Local Area Network) in the finals and the group stages is the most efficient perfect solution for this scenario where every player sit and play together. The chances of cheating in a LAN stage is really low.
  • Better software: Using a better and improved anti-cheat mechanism and software can prevent cheating and other illegal stuff.
  • Team Admin system: If the authority or the management can provide an admin who will inspect all the players of any team physically while playing the finals or the group stages then it can prevent teams from cheating.
  • Use of face-cam and hand-cam: The increasing rate of using face-camera and hand-camera while playing online qualifiers can decrease the cheating rate. The authority will inspect hands, devices and faces of the players while playing. In this way, the players will get little chances to perform illegal activities.

What is your opinion on several teams getting disqualified for the PMCO Spring Split 2021?

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