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PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary update: What could have been better

PUBG Mobile never disappoints its players in any of their season updates. Whether its events or in-game outfits or gun skins, etc, PUBG Mobile Corporation always launches their updates keeping in mind, the needs of the players. Similarly, on this occasion of its 2nd Anniversary, PUBG Mobile released its new update of Season 12 with its title as “2gether We Play”, launching maximum of the features and modes a player wished to have in this game while playing in Season 11. This 2nd Anniversary or Season 12 update brings uncountable new exciting features, modes, events, in-game outfits and many more.

Although a player can’t complain much about this update, but being regular players from Season 1 to Season 12, we would like to place some of our opinions on this PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary update that what could have better in this update. We would like to point out some of the updates where some changes could make it better.

Launcher in Amusement Park

During the event period i.e., from March 12, 2020, to April 14, 2020, an Amusement Park appeared in classic mode battles. Here you can find some exciting attractions like Shooting Range, Trampoline, Eat Cake, Launcher and Arcade games. Everything is fine and exciting except for some features in Launcher which could have been better.

PUBG Mobile 2nd anniversary update
the launcher in the Amusement Park

The Launcher is actually reverse bungee which launches you in the air and you glide back to the ground with the help of a wingsuit. But you can’t glide in FPP mode. When you turn on the FPP mode, you can enjoy the FPP view while launching but at the time of gliding, it automatically changes to the TPP view which could have been better and more exciting if the gliding were in FPP view. Also, there is a glitch on the launcher that is enemy can’t fire a player who is sitting in the Launcher seat. Now this will become an obvious way to get rid of enemies if a player can’t take the fight just by sitting on the Launcher seat. So, it could have been better if players can fire on enemies sitting on the Launcher seat.

Non-Elite rewards in Royale Pass

Along with the season update of every season, PUBG Mobile comes with new season Royale Pass with numerous thrilling missions and exciting rewards on surpassing every Royale Pass level. Likewise, this 2nd Anniversary update comes too with Season 12 Royale Pass with boundless rewards.

PUBG Mobile season 12, PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary update
PUBG Mobile Season 12

This Season, the Free Royale Pass comes with very fewer rewards. If you buy Elite or Elite Plus Royale Pass then you will get boundless rewards and many other perks. But for this season PUBG Mobile provided scattered rewards to the Free Royale Pass. This, sometimes, makes no sense of completing the missions.

Also, the rewards for the Free Royale Pass are up to level 60 which doesn’t involve the Free Royale Pass players after they reached level 60 to complete the missions. It could have been better if it provided some more rewards to the Free Royale Pass. This would also engage more players to complete the Royale Pass Missions.

Arctic Mode did not arrive

In Arctic Mode, elimination is not only by killing each other but also players need to hunt for food by killing animals and also have to search for woods and light fires to survive the extreme cold weather. Same as the blue closing circle there will be a cold wave that will drain the health of the players until they took shelters to save themselves. In the end, one who survives the harshest environment will win. The map will be based on Vikendi.

pubg mobile arctic mode
PUBG Mobile Arctic mode

But Arctic Mode was not introduced in this 2nd Anniversary update which the players are eagerly waiting for. It would have been better if the introduced the mode in this update. But we are expecting that PUBG Mobile Corporation may introduce this Arctic Mode by the end of April of this year.

Other Miscellaneous Updates

Now comes some of the problems that every player faces after every Season updates. These problems include numerous glitches and bugs. Some players even report that the glitches keep on increasing on every update. It could have been better if PUBG Mobile Corporation solved this problem in the 2nd Anniversary update.

pubg mobile glitches
Bike Glitch in PUBG Mobile

Some players are reporting that after this 2nd Anniversary update they are facing problems with the ping. The ping suddenly increases while playing having no problem with internet speed. Also, the game is suddenly crashing while playing in some of the devices.

It could have been better if PUBG Mobile Corporation solved this problem in this 2nd Anniversary update. We are expecting that they will solve this problem in future updates.

That’s all we found in PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary update that could have been better. However, if you think there should be some more improvements and additions to these, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Here is a link to the official Official PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Event Page if you want to check.

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