Why Coin Master is consistently in the top-grossing category of Google Play

The future of Social Casino?

In the era of eSports and multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile, MOBA reaching new heights in grossing billions for the developers, Coin Master has emerged as the Dark Horse in the top-grossing games chart consistently. According to Sensor Tower, Coin Master has been on the top-grossing charts of both Google Play Store and the App Store consecutively for two years in a row, with 6 million downloads and $56 million revenue in August 2020 alone.

 We would like to notify you that the Coin Master was not launched recently and gained popularity right away. The game was developed by Moon Active and was released in the year 2010. From 2016, the developers changed the promotion strategy of the game and started with launching an advertisement video on YouTube. And in the next two years, the popularity of the game surged like anything and has been on the top in UK and US ranking lists.  

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Coin Master is very simple. The traditional slot machine found in most of the casinos mixed with light animated base building & raiding, and defending bases. The developers also add live and exciting events regularly. All the player does is collect coins from slot machine and raids, use the coins to build a base. And that is the entire game, a casual game that cannot get any more complex than this and yet has been disrupting the charts of the UK and US.

Coin Master

What is the reason behind such success?

A lot of factors come into picture that decides the success of a game, right from the core mechanics to the effective marketing.

1. Casino Genre

Before getting into in-depth of the Coin Masters gameplay that has addicted both young and old to stick to their mobile games, it has been proven that the Casino genre games have always been at the top in terms of the revenue generated in the mobile gaming industry. And, Coin Master can very well be considered under this genre due to the classic slot machine spin that grants you coins.

Now, getting into the gameplay of Coin Master. The game offers the player a free spin on the slot machine that rewards you with the coins. The coins are then used to build and upgrade the base to complete the objectives.  The player can also raid other player bases to loot more coins so as to quickly achieve the objectives. This is basically the overall objective of Coin Master.

 The game offers five free spins on the slot machine every hour which can be banked to 50 spins at one time. So, this very mechanics of slot machine makes Coins Master an addictive game. It has been proven that slot machines are the most popular machines in the Casino category. Slots provide a better near win experience to players, keeping them hooked to the machines.

2. Online events

Coin Master provides lots of variety in the gameplay so that the heavily engaged player is not bored of the same usual gameplay. These events also offer huge sets of rewards and themes ensuring player engagements continuously.

Coin Master

Not only these events are fun, but they are extremely generous that a player may end up playing for an hour or so and at this exact time when a player runs out of time, the adrenaline rush would make players spend money and complete the event.

3. The Marketing and Promotion

After gaining popularity, the developers did not take anything for granted and continuously put efforts to increase their player base. One of the major initiatives was, rolling in popular celebrities of the US, UK, Germany, or Australia to advertise for coin master. This helped them to attract many casual gamers with gambling psychology to get hooked to the game. It has been found that the Coin Masters chart showed instant spikes right after these advertisements.

These were a few of the reasons that make Coin Master the best grosser for the second time in a row without being a graphics-intense game. The feel of winning in a Casino, the slow rolling of the third drum of the slot machine, ease of contacting the customer support, the adrenaline rush of near-win experience and the free spin notifications drive the player to Coin Master.

What are your opinions on Coin Master and its success as the top-grossing app in Play Store? Do you play Coin Master as well? Let us know your opinions below.

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