Why Minecraft ‘The Wild’ update might be a disappointment for the community

The gaming community is divided on the Wild update!

The Minecraft 1.19 update was officially released for Java and Bedrock Edition yesterday and while it is a pretty cool update, there are a few issues with the way Mojang handled things this time and players are not happy about it. When the Wild update was first announced, two of the important announcements were regarding the addition of fireflies to Minecraft and a better Birch forest

The addition of Fireflies and Birch Forest improvements were dropped in the Wild update

However, a while before the update came out, Mojang dropped fireflies and the improvements to Birch Forests, a move that upset many fans who were eagerly waiting for both of these things. While the reason for dropping fireflies made sense to some extent (they are poisonous to frogs and toads), the excuse for not working on the Birch Forests was sloppier, as apparently, during Minecraft Live 2021 they only showed us a concept and now, the idea has been shelved. 

When Ask Mojang announced these changes, it met with quite a bit of negative feedback from dissatisfied players. Many players were left feeling cheated as they felt that the content worth caring for wasn’t on the plate anymore and Mojang could have done something to implement fireflies and the birch update instead of just giving up on them completely.

Minecraft wild Update
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This update does feel quite insignificant now as a lot of it is just leftovers from the Caves and Cliffs update. A YouTube comment says it all perfectly in a single line- “This isn’t even a wild update anymore, it feels like a mild update.” At this point, social media websites are full of people upset with how Mojang has been failing to deliver content after hyping up players.

They seem to have forgotten about certain updates they promised, like archaeology and bundles. The biggest additions this time are probably the Deep Dark Biome and the Warden and even they are leftovers from the Caves and Cliffs update. 

At this point, even the community is divided and there’s quite a bit of infighting on forums as there are those still upset and those who’re trying to justify Mojang’s actions. 

Minecraft the wild Update
Image via Reddit

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Mojang could have done something to make this update better. It is a studio owned by one of the biggest corporations, running one of the biggest games known to everyone in the gaming industry and therefore it isn’t wrong for players to ask for more. That being said, hopefully, Mojang Studios will take notes from this and improve their planning and development for future updates.

What are your thoughts about the Wild update in Minecraft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Pro MB Gaming

I expected more in this 1.19 update but there are some cool changes.


I was hoping they’d keep the Fireflies and just program Frogs to leave them alone and feed on something else. Then again, it would probably count as a misrepresentation of frogs, which Mojang is against, and frogs do go after fireflies IRL when given the opportunity.

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